View Full Version : Some bugs (may have minor spoilers)

9th Dec 2003, 18:26
After finishing the game on a
PIV 2.6Gz 512 RAM ATI RADEON 9000

I found the following bugs:

- on the inlicantor; facility sak's hangar; black ruins lab; generator in Antarctica, and the outside of liberty island (both east and west) there is some sort of texture corruption some people have
already mentioned - things turning whiteish, blueish, greenish... as you approach them. Funny thing - when a menu is on, you can see in the background that these effects disappear.

- in the coffee shop in germany, it's way too dark (or maybe it's just the above problem but sort of blackish? who knows)

- when using the super-vision biomod, game sometimes (quite often, actually) seriously hangs up. Seriously means you cannot exit to desktop and you have to reset the computer. I noticed that this happens ALWAYS when grenades fly around (has some connection to smoke?)

and that's all folks

uhm, must say it's quite a good game. It has some very cool moments. Though the fact that the textures were completely messed up, especially on the last level, got me quite upset.

9th Dec 2003, 23:14
also happens in UNATCO ruins;

it is possible that there are two different situations.

For instance, in the inclinator and the UNATCO ruins it looks as though the textures are simply missing (thence the whitish general appearance), while in the Liberty Island it looks as though the ambient colours are all wrong.

And I've realised that that funny stuff about the menu I had said was a harmless lie :)

kind of psychosomatic

ah, obviously I have tried EVERYTHING (ini tweaks included)

but people, don't you think that lately games come out sort of buggish? anyone heard of the Knights of the Old Republic case?
I have still to meet/hear/read of any person who got that one working properly.

oh well, there is Max Payne 2, but IT IS a masterpiece