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9th Dec 2003, 17:04

After having read all these posts I was surprised to see that for me, after 3 attempts (and 2 days trial), this game works well and is AWESOME (yes it is) !!!

The first time I have installed it in a custom folder (as usual) and the game crashed all the time. :(

The second time I did an automatic installation. The game worked but not so well. :(

The third time I put the .exe in Windows 2000 mode and change the mouselag to 0. I also use the nocd patch (legal or not don't know). And with this, it works extremly well :) (1280x1024, FAA 4x, everything high detail). Unfortunately when I have the bloom option on, I have some glitches appearing.

I have the last ATI Omega Catalysts drivers for my 9700 Pro + 1GiG RAM.

9th Dec 2003, 17:11
Sorry, but no CD patches are illegal.

If anyone wishes to argue the point, this isn't the place. Forums rules forbid such discussions.