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9th Dec 2003, 16:51
How do I display the FPS onscreen during gameplay - everyone seems to be quoting them and I have no idea how to do it.

I think the game is great, buggier than bugged can be but great. It is a shame that companies like Eidos still release such bugged out games.

I have a query though in the readme for the game it refers to some graphics cards/driver combo's giving too much Bloom effect. So my question is - is there anyway to reduce this effect because at times it looks absolutely superb but mostly it just makes everything so blurry or bright white its ridiculous?

I have a Radeon 8500 - yes, I know its poor but frankly the amount of power your PC has seems to make little difference and I am playing it at an easily playable speed and resolution - approx 20 - 25 FPS, poor but better than some guy with a 3GHz P4 and I have a P3.

Any ideas or possabilities for reducing the Bloom affect would be massively appreciated !


9th Dec 2003, 17:11

Amusing picture of me looking at some glass with the bloom turned on !

9th Dec 2003, 17:23
I now have a fps display method, which works well. Fraps. It essentially says I get 40 fps on the menu and between 13 and 30 fps, in game.

9th Dec 2003, 21:13
Does anyone else have a problem with Bloom similar to me ?

Does anyone have any ideas of how to solve the problem ?

9th Dec 2003, 21:35
As far as I know, everyone with an 8500 is experiencing this. I'd say just turn it off until we get a patch or a driver fix.