View Full Version : Wow, DX:IW Initializing 2 Audio Subsystems!

9th Dec 2003, 11:58
Okay, this might work for you guys... I was poking around in the demo's .ini file and found something interesting. DX:IW is initializing two seperate audio subsystems which may be the cause for performance degredation... Hehe, its the XBox audio subsystem at that.... Go into the [Engine.Engine] group and find this line, put a comma at the beginning of it like so.... The openAL audio system should be the only one enabled.


I actually got a 20% boost in performance, its finally playable for me. :D

9th Dec 2003, 12:21
nice one!

it's still far from perfect, but with a normal amount of fps it's finally playable! woohoo

9th Dec 2003, 12:53
Even though it's in the ini file, it shouldn't be loading the xbox or theif3 settings.

9th Dec 2003, 13:07
Guess what, it shouldn't BUT IT IS!

9th Dec 2003, 16:30
what *.ini is it exactly? default.ini?

could you please post the default code and the corrected one


9th Dec 2003, 16:39
sry, stupi me:rolleyes:
found it.

9th Dec 2003, 17:06
Well, i tried it, but i didn't get any performance gain from it.

9th Dec 2003, 18:34
I tried it and it didn't help me at all. :( I'm so glad that the people at IS/Eidos have not made any posts to let us know that they are trying to help us. What a bunch of ****ers!

9th Dec 2003, 19:52
I've said it a thousand times before that there is no one fix that is going to work for everyone!!!

Have a nice day,