View Full Version : DX:IW Ram usage???

9th Dec 2003, 06:14
Ok so I decided to ctrl alt del and check out how much of a resource hog dx:iw was (thinking that perhaps another stick of ram might crank it up a bit).
64 megs of ram.
DX:IW (as far as i can tell just looking at the process tree) uses a whopping 64megs???!!!!
Yet it requires 512????
Whats going on? Looking at a few 3rd party programs i confirmed that it only uses 64mb. So i went into the default.ini to have a look. The only thing i could find was a line talking about cadence. It said it used 64 (the only instance of 64 i could find) so i turned it up and it didnt do anything.

Anyone with perhaps more of a clue than I want to have a squiz at the ini's and maybe see how you can crank it up some? Or am i just stupid and have a simple setting set to the wrong amount somewhere? Or have i missed the whole point and not realised that dx:iw is supposed to only use 64?

9th Dec 2003, 06:29
I would not be surprised if it's designed to only use 64mb. How much ram does the XBox have? 64mb.

Now, if they could patch it so I could use more (like say the "minimum" of 256 that it says on the box) then I'm sure most of our bad performance woes will disappear.

9th Dec 2003, 09:05
Or at least some of it... Like we all deomonstrated before, even at the lowest resolution and detail settings, performance is horrible.

RAM is only a small part of the problem.