View Full Version : Interesting *gameplay* glitch

9th Dec 2003, 02:04
Main point of this was to report a curious behavior: I've been using Bot Dom & cloaking (both kinds at the same time), ran across this. Seems that sometimes when you run out of time on the bot, you return to "your body" but it's reverted to an earlier position on the level--doesn't really cause a problem just a bit of a glitch. Did I mention I love bot domination? Because I should.

Also, nothing major, but I have issues (display initializes to desktop resolution & repeats the images to "fill in") if I don't set my desktop resolution to match my chosen game resolution.

9th Dec 2003, 03:31
That behavior isn't exclusive to bot dom. It also happens frequently with spy drone, camera, and turret control.

Very annoying.