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9th Dec 2003, 01:26
It had to be postponed again last Sat. due to his business demands, etc. but today he came over and I now have DSL hooked up on my main machine. Tomorrow morning, he'll bring a router or whatever so I can get the other one next to it also connected as an alternate. I had another HDD put in and had him partition into three from another 40gig'r...am a littlle disappointed regarding that however. For some reason the last drive only got almost 8gigs when it should have been a little over 9. The other two are both a llittle over 14. Don't understand why I lost at least 1gig? So anyway, my darn CD-ROM drive got changed and though they tried, couldn't get WIN98 to let them rename it to the original :( Which now of course many of my installations/games will have to be changed in some of their files. Gads what a pain!!! I'll have to dl one of Thief's new FM's I want to get to really judge how well it's working...ping proggie that comes with Yahoo gives me some info...but an FM will tell me better. I'm on the low-end of speed anyway I know because of my location to their router box. I'm still working on getting my email to work the way I want...not using Yahoo's web addie but on this machine using Outlook as my default.

For those who know my special email "user name" it will be @sbcglobal.net however, my Astragate account on this machine got messed up so I'm not able to send out using it yet and other confusions I hope to get fixed tomorrow. I don't want to use Yahoo's as I will be closing Astragate as of the 11th I think but they need more info first which I can't send yet...ta da! I shall be keeping my email through Juno still as that's on the Compaq and my dial-up backup machine. I also use my special "user name" for that one too :) @juno.com if all else fails :D

So that's it boys and girls for now and catch ya on the flip side :) Ta and Good Hunting!

9th Dec 2003, 01:41
You always lose some of the HDD to housekeeping and the fact that the HDD makers use a different meaning for GIG.

As for the NAME for the CD. You should be able to reassign in the DEVICE manager. But you need to reassign BOTH the three partitions AND the CD.

So the CD would be D (or whatever the original was), and the HDD would then be E,F,G.

If you have NO PROGRAMS on the HDD YET. You should be able to do it.

Or you can LOCK the CD in Device manager to the D drive setting, and then REpartition and REformat the HDD.

9th Dec 2003, 03:12
Oh crappie doo doo...

First: I'm having various problems using this darn thing. I got on-line as you saw but had to re-register my name/passwd for here and TTLG forums. Went over to Thief Missions to get a FM to dl and that worked just fine. Although we put OB on that disk tBm, thought it would be a good file to get directly and see how fast. I got approx. 94.kbs and file in about 2mins +/- :) So that was good...but then I hung? Everything froze and then my darn reset button wouldn't work? So I cut power to the DSL modem and had to use my Shutdown button to reboot :( Will have him fix that when he gets here.

Then when I turned power back on to DSL...at first it wouldn't connect all the way and authorize...so I got a message which included "try again" and so I did and then finally got thru? Maybe because I had to use a hard shutdown the process got screwed up a little? But I did get back on then. Then when I tried bringing up I.E. the darn thing said I wasn't connected but when I brought up the Connection Manager, it showed I was...eyaaahhhh! Anyway, when I got that window closed I finally got the web.

Of course now I had to re-register again due to the shutdown and my password, etc. didn't get saved.

Regarding HDD situation. All I know, is that he said that both he and his partner tried to rename CD drive letter back to original, which in my case was "G" but Windows wouldn't let it happen? So now it's "J" As far as space on the drives, my Son partitioned the first one I have in it and had him put it into four drives with 10gigs on each that reads variations of 9+ but with a little loss. That's why I don't understand why two are 14+a little (that's OK) but the third should be at least a llittle over 9 not almost 8 :( At this point I don't think I'll have them redo (if it were possible) cause they've had it already over a month (not their fault) and I want to use it now! :)

Now I've got to find out what's working and what's not...games mainly for the moment. Diablo II Exp did come up and saw the disk but somehow my save got blown. Probably because I started having problems with it from before and it wouldn't load up. Fortunately though I did back them up in a different location as well as on floppies in case the whole thing went kaput!!! Not sure yet about Thief as I haven't gotten that far yet. I 'm pretty sure I have to change that one in an .ini file cause I know the tweak to use "no CD" registers that drive it was installed inside of that one. I hope that's the only one for that game.

Seems I need to keep my DSL on for the next several days for SBC purposes regarding connection or something according to Rich? In turn that means I have to keep power on the computer as well...not too happy about that. He said I could probably shut it off for a little while but mostly need to keep it on I guess?

Ok, guess that's it again for a bit...Ta and Good Hunting!

9th Dec 2003, 03:42
Plug the DSL power pack into its own outlet, or use a strip. Don't plug it into the Master power switch if you have one of those with the Master, CPU, AUX1 Printer etc control boards.

I use one but never turn off the Master power. Just the CPU, Monitor and printer. The master and the AUX with the DSL and the AUX with the router stay powered all the time.

That way the DSL is always on 24-7, and can be turned off to reboot, when necessary, which happens once in a while.