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9th Dec 2003, 00:20
I cant take anyomore of this. The movies skip as does the sound. ANY help would be nice. I just want to watch the ending movies :(

9th Dec 2003, 02:35
I've noticed the same thing. The cinematics are unwatchable from within the game.

They play perfectly outside of the game though.

When a cinematic comes up, I do the following:

- Skip cinematic
- Save
- Exit game
- Double-click on video in explorer (guess the file name)
- Quickly close the video because I double-clicked on the wrong one.
- Try again
- After successfully watching the -- correct -- video re-enter the game
- Load save game
- Resume

The odd thing is that the videos play perfectly in the demo, but not the full game (I'm referring to the Eidos and "The way it's meant to be played :rolleyes:" logos in the case of the demo).

9th Dec 2003, 05:47

Where are they, and what codec do you need?
My friend with a FX5900 also has the same prob.

9th Dec 2003, 06:03
The videos are in Content/DX2/VideoTextures.

They are bink files. More than likely you'll just have to double-click on them and they'll play. If not, download the Bink and Smacker RAD video tools.