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8th Dec 2003, 19:49
Hi All

Well, I've been trying to download the Deus Ex 2 demo for a few days, both at work and home, with no success so far. It's super-slow, and keeps breaking. I have about 190 MB of it at home and will try to resume to download and finish it off tonight. In the meantime I've been playing Morrowind, which is *amazing* - check it out if you haven't.

8th Dec 2003, 20:01
I managed to download the entire thing. Turns out my video card isn't good enough for it. :( Which means it won't be for Thief III either:mad:

So when Thief III comes out, I need to make a trip to http://www.totallyawesomecomputers.com :D

8th Dec 2003, 22:55
Yeah, a number of the reviews mentioned that it can be slow even on cutting edge systems. Mine is brand new, and slightly higher specced than the ones they were testing on (Athlon 3000+, 1 gig RAM, Radeon 9800 Pro, Serial ATA hard drive), so I'll report in on how it runs on this machine. It may well prove to be a good spec test for Thief 3.

I was able to resume the download this afternoon, but as of right now it seems to have choked at 209 of 217 MB, so we'll see... I'm awfully tempted to just go buy it: from the reviews, I'll love it!

Edit: Ack, so I got the full download, but it was broken. So I just started from scratch again. Motivated much? ;)

Edit2: Yes, actually it *is* me that's suckin' up all the bandwidth! ;)

9th Dec 2003, 00:11
It Choked? Does it need a Heimlich?

9th Dec 2003, 00:49
Bravus...maybe by now you've got the demo??? I've got another source bookmarked on my other machine. Don't know where your getting yours but if you want to get mine later let me know.

You played the original right? If so, your going to find many things changed. If you've been reading the forum(s) for it you'll see what and why more or less. Personally, I'm very very disappointed in all the so called "simplification" they imported into PC configs for the Xbox version :( Yes, you can tweak the demo to a certain degree but you wont get the same kind of controls, etc. that were PC platform specific!!!! :mad: Which leaves me wondering what will happen to T3 since it's also being cross programmed for the Xbox. If they screw it up the same basic way, I don't think I will be getting it either. As it is, I'm waiting for the major patch, not the little tweak they released for the demo regarding the save file not saving right and the mouse lag) to make my final descision(s)...?

Did you read all the reasons why ppl are unhappy? Heck, they didn't even take the time to set the demo for the PC...but Xbox settings were left in...and apparently from what I've read the final came out the same way! Basically cause it came out two weeks after the demo and didn't have time to change it. So I really don't want it at all till they patch if then. Geez they even left 640X480 as the default...which I know you can change but that was part of the save problems...wouldn't keep anything because of a read-me file left as read only...blah, blah, blah!

Anyway, I wish you good luck and don't except some of the weaponry to behave as in the first one...values need fixing, etc. Can you tell how much I'm ticked!!!! Ta and Good Hunting!

9th Dec 2003, 05:59
So, has anyone played the actual game? Is it worth it? I'm not just talking stealth, but overall, is it a good game for the PC? I almost bought it today, but since it's $50, I don't want to waste that much money on a game I'm not going to enjoy.

If I do decide to get it, should I wait until the patch is out?


9th Dec 2003, 12:00
I've played the actual game for a few hours, the first couple "missions" or whatever (I also played through the Demo last week). Here are my thoughts:

I sortof like it, but there are problems.

I LOVE the physics - SOOOO fun to toss around barrels and tires and cones and boxes and trays and lamps and whatever! Once I piled up all the canisters, dead guys, debris, stuff into a HUGE pile and then tossed in a couple grenades - BOOM, everything goes flying with accurate and believable physics, with accurate shadows everywhere, even on each other from each other, etc...

I LOVE the "dynamic" gameplay. Example - I was scrounging around in a dumpster once and just decided to try out tossing a box I found in there at a "thug" AI in the alleyway nearby - he gets pissed and pulls out his gun - I duck while he swirls around to find me, not seeing me right off, so he and his buddys get guns out and start searching (Thief style - "come out, you can't hide forever..." etc) - then the local security bot floats into the area and sees the hostile gun toting thugs and, in robot voice, warns them to "drop your weapons" or something, and starts mowing them down with machine gun fire - they retaliate, of course - FIREFIGHT! I hop out of dumpster, run off to side, hide behind crates, to witness the carnage - bot finishes off thugs, is quite damaged itself - I go out to inspect bodies and grab loot/ammo, bot is friendly to me (can tell difference between nice me and nasty thugs) - VERY COOL INTERCHANGE altogether.

I HATE the interface - "XBox CRAPOLA" style to say the least

I HATE the FREAKIN TINY mission areas!!!!!!! This is sadly the absolute worst aspect of the entire game, in my opinion. Why, oh why are the areas SOOOOOO SMAAAAAAALLLLL??? You get a few rooms, a couple open areas, and thats it - want to go somewhere further - LOAD LOAD LOAD LOAD................ (More XBox crap because they must conserve memory, blah blah blah) - even with a patch they aren't going to REDESIGN the whole game, so the areas are small no matter what. Perhaps they can at least optimise the PC version somewhat to reduce (eliminate?) the load times between areas, such as preloading all the areas adjacent to the one in which the players currently is running around in or something.

I LOVE the storyline and real life choices you are faced with making - I get a sense of freedom rarely felt (I've felt this type of freedom in Thief, Gothic, and Morrowind before as well). The only small complaint is the absurdly trusting forwardness of many AIs, such as barely meeting you and then casually requesting you assasinate so-and-so, and things like that.

I LOVE the bump-mapped textures, especially on the AIs themselves - makes them seem like a million polys when they're actually only a few

I LOVE the real-time lighthing, but it's not entirely consistant, which is too bad. The individual light ranges are too short for my tastes (though much longer ranges would certainly tax the engine/framerate FAR more than it already is).

MY ADVICE - Play the demo before buying! And you REALLY need to read up on the ION Storm forums in the Deus Ex 2 forum about the tweaks as well, as this can make or break the game for you (most, if not all, will work for the demo)(you have to edit some .ini files manually, simple, but stupidly necessary - should have been menu items in the game interface)

9th Dec 2003, 12:34
Quote: LOVE the physics - SOOOO fun to toss around barrels and tires and cones and boxes and trays and lamps and whatever! Once I piled up all the canisters, dead guys, debris, stuff into a HUGE pile and then tossed in a couple grenades - BOOM, everything goes flying with accurate and believable physics, with accurate shadows everywhere, even on each other from each other, etc... UNQUOTE

Yea Komag...they've said though that the weight of various objects, etc. are all the same (mainly that there seems to be very little?)...whether your throwing a barrel or a person. Also it's been said that the ragdoll physics are screwy when you kill someone...they all of a sudden will go flying around and have weird contortions when they've finally decided they've been shot enough...something like that. Didn't you get the same impression?

What do you think of the unified ammo??? Since there's nothing that really tells you, as in the original, how many shells/clips or whatever to quantify your supply...how do you really determine easily how much you have to use. That is...use an assualt rifle or whatever...and all of a sudden you don't have anymore ammo for anything else. Someone said that it took a whole clip just to use the stun gun (or whatever it's called in this version)? I think that might get changed some but can you imagine that they said, they didn't want to make it too easy as in the first game. Well let me say that that's rediculous...that was one of the very important weapons to use in a stealtlhy attack...one or two taps and a fast quiet putdown! Now it's use a lot and in the meantime he gets to shoot at you and creates a lot of noise to alert anyone around. How stealthy can that be I ask you???? Bah :(

Well enough of my rant for the moment...and again wish anyone who gets it good luck! Ta and Good Hunting!

9th Dec 2003, 16:04
Well, I've completely given up on the download. Several tries, and maybe 400 total MB downloaded for no result: grr.

I'm thinking I'll just go buy it, maybe in a few weeks when we finish off Icewind Dale II and make some more progress in Morrowind. Morrowind tends to be a me-and-Sue or whole family type game, though, while DX2 is more likely to be a just-me.

I think I'll enjoy it a lot: I read about 5 reviews yesterday, and while they all said there are flaws, many of the ones mentioned were also present in the first game, which I loved, so I doubt they'll bother me too much. The unified ammo thing worries me: many's the time in Deus Ex where I've had to wander around and do stuff with a less-than-optimal weapon because I've run out of ammo for the optimal one. Lots of save games, I think, so if I end up totally cornered with zero ammo I can go back and make some different choices. The rest of the 'simplifications' I can live with, although IMO the roleplaying elements of building up your skills and choosing which augs to use were a great part of the first game.

Bottom line, it's a new FPS/RPG from Ion Storm, with a complex story and open-ended ways of proceeding: whatever the flaws, I'm gonna enjoy it enormously, and replay it regularly.

(Thinks to himself): Hmm, what's coming up in a few weeks...? ;) Time to drop some hints!

Edit: and a bit of H4X0ring on the .ini files to tweak it holds few fears for me, but I agree this stuff should have been sorted before release.

9th Dec 2003, 20:29
I saw at the local Gamestop store (http://www.gamestop.com/locatordetail.asp) they had the demo CD you could buy for $0.99.
They also had some other demo CDs for sale too.
Maybe this would be an option for you?

Tin Star
13th Dec 2003, 15:19
The first patch for the game 1.1 has just been released and will take care of some of the things that people using a PC have gripped about.

I found the hardest thing to do was to get use to the new key lay out and I didn't much like the new prod because it's not as good as the one in the first game{but this new patch is suppose to take care of that as well as 10 or 12 other things in the game}I liked using the prod in the first game and hope this patch will make it be one of the best weapons for this game,but the way it is now your better off not using it.

The bolt gun is a good gun to use if you do not want to kill anyone and if you don't like greasels then this game is not for you because you will come into contact with a lot of them.

Tin Star:cool:

17th Dec 2003, 05:08
Thanks for the added elval of the game Tin Star...yea that's what I read from the others regarding stun gun..and that the boltcaster was alright...but there again it's a matter of ammo use, etc.. Greasels...green, green monsters...hah, hah and that ain't all I know. You'll most likely meet up with upgraded versions of those other nasty creatures like the Karkians! They were in a screen shot or two, so they're there as well!!! How are you doing with the Bots???
Good Luck and Good Hunting!

Tin Star
17th Dec 2003, 06:41
HI Huntress:
The stun gun still is not what it was in the first game even with the patch so now I use the boltcaster a lot,as for those greasels you do see a lot of them but I found that if you have a spider bomb that it can take care of them in short order,I haven't had the chance to try a spider bomb on the karkians yet so I don't know how will they would work on them and the bots seem to be easier to deal with then the ones in the first game.The patch did help with a lot of the problems with how to use items in your inventory and move them around from one slot to another and made the installing of weapon mods and bio mods easier to do with the added buttons to the game.

:cool: Tin Star

17th Dec 2003, 10:03
Well, I've removed Deus Ex II off my Christmas list. Why? Because the dang game won't run with Geforce 2 cards. Unreal II will with no problems, but not DXII. Now I'm worried that Thief 3: The Unknown Tagline won't support GF2 cards either. *Sigh* I'm really worried that Spector not only dropped the ball, he gave it to the other team.


Tin Star
17th Dec 2003, 14:51
I don't know but if Thief III is like Deus EX II you are going to need at least a Geforce 3 to run it.
I was lucky and got my Geforce 3 ti200 on sell about a year ago and was able to upgrade from a Geforce 2,I paid about $70 or 80 bucks for it.
Squid you can check at Best Buy I think they are running a sell on them.

Tin Star

17th Dec 2003, 16:21
A GeForce 2 will probably not run Thief 3 as the shadows are all generated by pixel shader 1.1+ hardware. When you get a new video card don't get a GeForce 4 mx, as they're basically GeForce 2 cards with a higher clock rate and they don't have pixel shader technology.

18th Dec 2003, 02:41
Yes, they say right on the specs, MX cards not supported! My recommendation is to get an ATI9600XT, not the newest but a good inbetween of what I have and the newer 9800 versions :) Good results in tests and apparently the Saphirre is a pretty decent one. It might cost a little more ($129 +\-) but as Grey Mouser told me not too long ago...a good bang for the buck ;) If I were to buy another at this time, it's what I would get. Seeing as how I just bought my 8500LE not too long ago, not ready to buy another. I'll have to see what next year brings first? Ta and Good Hunting!

18th Dec 2003, 08:38
Well, as someone pointed out to me today, tax refund time is just around the corner, and a portion of mine is going to pay for a new video card. I probably won't be able to play T3 on the laptop, but I'm definitely upgrading the computer for T3.


18th Dec 2003, 18:07
Well, after waiting a while to give the download fever time to die down, I got GetRight and finally downloaded the demo successfully (including one resumption) yesterday. Installed it on my work machine here, just to check that the download had worked, but this machine has a GeForce 2 GTS (cutting edge when I bought it 2 years ago!) and can't run it, so I uninstalled. Writing a CD now so I can take it home and try it out later.

See ya,