View Full Version : Hardest TR III ever!

Chris-Craig Michaels
8th Dec 2003, 07:32
I am re-playing every TR game, from TR 1 and Gold through Chronicles, with all the gold levels.
I am also hitting every single secret in every game.
I am also playing TR 3 only saving at the green crystals.
I am also playing TR 3 in the order of London, then South Pacific, and then Nevada.

Anyway, I have played through TR1, Gold, TR2 and Golden Mask. I am currently in TR III, and I am at Lud's gate having hit every secret so far and only saving at the green crystals. It is fairly difficult, but, since I have played TR III many times, it is an interesting re-play of the game. I am looking forward to TR4, since that is the only game where I have not found all the secrets. But I have the rest of TR III to go, as well as Lost Artifact.

Just thought I would see if anyone else has ever played TR 3 with nevada last, and/or played only saving at the green crystals.

8th Dec 2003, 20:30
Well I've never tried to play Nevada last (although it is tempting) I have always played it first. Saving at the crystals sounds like fun, this is how TR1 is played on the PSX.

Sounds like a good challenge, I may have a go myself one day. :)

Chris-Craig Michaels
9th Dec 2003, 18:40
I played through Lud's Gate, City, and Coastal Ruins last night. That was fun, but there are almost no save crystals in Crash site! I played through half the level, and got everything except for the second key and did not find a single crystal! The raptors cornered me and killed me, so I have to play it again. Oh well, that level is fun.
It really is a challenge. So far I have only used pistols, but I think I will have to use something else soon. It would be a waste, after all, to not use any ammo collected during the game. You don't get it back, do you? It isn't like, if you pick up the Desert Eagle in Nevada, you get all the clips with it that you gathered earlier in the game, is it?
I am not looking forward to fighting the last boss with only pistols. Has anyone else ever done it? It must take ages.

Chris-Craig Michaels
10th Dec 2003, 19:15
Well, I got through Crash Site, Mudubu Gorge, Temple of Puna, and Nevada Desert. I am now in the High Security Compound, absolutley weaponless. I felt sort of bad loosing everything I had collected. I won't get the clips back when I pick up the Desert Eagle? I mean the ones I collected before, will I?

Chris-Craig Michaels
11th Dec 2003, 02:12
OK, well, I am through with the Compound and Area 51. Now for the first of the last levels. *Sigh,* this is just a little easier than I thought it would be, but I am dreading fighting the final boss with only 50 Desert Eagle clips.