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7th Jun 2012, 16:49

This game was a great surprise. The story and voice acting were superb but what really made it was the combat system. Controlling 20 units at once and having to pay attention for quick triggers gave an intense battle experience. Some people complain about the difficulty but that's what makes it appeal to more hardcore gamers. Overall an amazing game that challenges your skills as a leader.

11th Jun 2012, 11:14
This is an amazing game. Now only if they would put it on the PS3! I played it on the Xbox 360 and completed the majority of the game (although I youtube the ending)...the only problem was that it was on my sisters Xbox and I didn't feel like buying and Xbox.

Overall, an amazing game and an interesting battle system. If you like a challenge, I say play the game. The storyline is also amazing! Rush is definately my favoriate character. (T.T)

There's quite a few mini quests. So complete as many as you can before moving forward with any part of the story. There's like a cause and effect thing. For example if you don't help Guy#1 you probably won't get X or a quest won't open up for you.

27th Jun 2012, 19:18
I just stuck with the Main Generals throughout the game, except Baulson. Anyone recruit the leaders from the many guilds?

9th Aug 2013, 02:38
Wow... pretty much nothing on this entire forum for The Last Remnant? That's pretty sad. This game came out years ago yet it keeps popping up on the Steam top sellers lists. It even (briefly) was out-selling FF7 (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=159355937) in the last Steam sale! Not bad for a game that came out four years back.

A big reason for the game doing so well so late, I believe, is the Last Remnant Wikia website (http://lastremnant.wikia.com/wiki/The_Last_Remnant_Wiki_-_The_Last_Remnant_Guide). Reviews (and quite a few posts I've seen on Steam) aren't real happy with how the many subtleties of the game are just about impossible to fathom. The Wikia makes classes, formation bonuses, and remnant powers much clearer. I have no idea how people survived without their listings of just what components can be found where!

I don't suppose there's any chance of dusting off the old code and giving us a patch, is there? The fans have done quite a bit and a quick patch would make for a nice thank-you. Some stuff that comes to mind:

A fix for the Mystic Focus bug (http://lastremnant.wikia.com/wiki/Mystic_Focus_Bug) - or an official announcement if it isn't actually a bug.
Mouse support on the main menu. Forcing PC users to use keyboard only right off the bat isn't exactly the best first impression you could make.
Requirements clarification - they say you need 256Mb of video memory but I've seen several posts from people claiming to be able to play the game with chips that have none at all.
If a player runs out of item components, give them some sort of warning. A lot of people get frustrated because "healing never comes up" when they are fighting the boss at the end of a quest. Then they find out it's because they ran out of Relaxing Herb just before they saved their game.
Party formation saves. One of the fun parts about this game is weighing a party spread out between several unions against a party concentrated into a few big unions. Unfortunately, switching between the two takes a LONG time! If we could save off a few union board configurations then we could switch between the two without all the tedium of reassigning 18 characters.
Plug the exploit holes. Once the land worms in Wisdom's Echo are cleared, don't respawn them. Don't spawn Bai Ze in the Cosmos Maiden quest at all.

And I sure wouldn't mind seeing some Steam Achievements (http://steamcommunity.com/app/23310/discussions/0/864973980782519331/) added to the game.

27th Nov 2013, 15:06
This game was and still is my favourite game. Even after completing it 100% and gaining all achievements, I want more! This game deserves a sequel and I'd happily pay full price for it.

28th Nov 2013, 19:21
A good game indeed. They should make a sequel to it.

10th Dec 2013, 22:53
Well Last Remnant is one of the best games on the next consoles that can be ported to the PS3 and PS4 the gameplay is innovative and the storyline is always interesting. Even FF14 a realm reborn isn't that great looking or the storyline that interesting, the characters of the last Remnant are more decentable and worthy to consider as part of the Final Fantasy franchise. The graphics and adult appearance of the last Remnant are more superb then any other game of course you have Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360. Square Enix should really port it quick to the PS4 just like FF13 Versus is now FF15 PS4

31st Dec 2013, 11:43
hi , i'm posting here about three titles that were either rejected because they haven't sell a lot, or didn't came to Europe or they haven't manage to get worldwide release so i ask:

1) Will the last remnant have a sequel or prequel?...personally i liked the game, maybe for many other people had difficult complex mechanism

2) Will the Chocobo Racing get a european psn release? ...please i would like to try it

3) What happened with that final fantasy type o , will we get finally a release date worldwide or that idea has been completely rejected?

please if it's possible answer those questions and thanks a lot :) :D

1st Jan 2014, 16:26
There are currently no news nor new announcements concerning any of these three games.

4th Jan 2014, 10:40
yeap that's why i brought this topic back up ;) :) :)

28th Jan 2014, 14:46
Excuse me! what can we do about this?


I'd love a sequel, it is still my favorite game!

3rd Feb 2014, 06:35
Excuse me! what can we do about this?


I'd love a sequel, it is still my favorite game!

make petitions and send it to the creators with many many signatures on them, for prequel or sequel.With that way the creators will see we aren't so indifferent about that game.If u don't mind me saying this, they also made petitions for tlod. :D :D :D....that can be a solution.... :) :) :) i'm too bored to keep an eye on these things even for once in a while, i'm not good in consistency somehow, but somebody determined to make it a reality and maybe keep an eye in that routine, maybe can make the dream come true!!!!! :) :) :).....remember where there is a will, there is a way ;) ;) ;)...if u search blackle or Google u will find a site for creating free petitions, somebody please give it a try , keep an eye even for once in a while, gather mails and signatures, and make the dream come true!!!!! :) :) inform me too to participate :D

5th Feb 2014, 23:02
i had heard the game was supposed to have been released on ps3 but it got cancelled, just like tales of vesperia, i never finished the game, it got really challenging, i was maybe midway through it. (possibly?) beautiful artwork, though.

6th Feb 2014, 16:40
Tales of Vesperia was released on PS3 with more content, just not localized.
The Last Remnant was planned for PS3 but then cancelled. I heard that the reason was that they had some technical difficulties with porting it from Xbox 360. But there is this new rumour that it will be ported to PS4.

8th Feb 2014, 15:28
Tales of Vesperia was released on PS3 with more content, just not localized.
The Last Remnant was planned for PS3 but then cancelled. I heard that the reason was that they had some technical difficulties with porting it from Xbox 360. But there is this new rumour that it will be ported to PS4.

will they make a continue to ps4 and pc????...make petitions pls btw the disadvantage with tutorial is not valid, since the game has tutorial but it explain the battle mechanics written and real time instead of representation :) :)

17th Feb 2014, 18:35
Hey there whoever interested in a continuation of the last remnant sign here http://www.thepetitionsite.com/186/789/455/petition-for-500000-signatures-for-the-last-remnant-sequel-or-prequel-for-pc-as-to-come-to-ps4/?cid=headerClick#sign

22nd Feb 2014, 00:11
hey everyone , whoever was amazed of that magnificent title , give it a shot over here :) :) :)
ps4/ and https://www.change.org/petitions/square-enix-make-a-sequel-or-prequel-for-the-last-remnant-pc-ps4-whoever-interested-in-that-amazing-title-come-in-and-sign-the-cause# :) :) :)

9th Apr 2014, 19:57
Hey, links not working. Everywhere you go you find the same level of dissapointment and schepticism about the future of this great game. Just for record I am a 28 years old RPG player in a country where thats not usual. I thought I had seen everything with FF but The Last Remnant was actually shocking. I have played it trough 4 times and everytime spending more time. I guess Ive logged aroung 1000 gaming hours. If they make awful sequels every year how come TLR doesnt deserve one. I think is one of the most underatred games of all times.

12th Apr 2014, 11:32
Good day community and SE members.

I'm introducing myself first.
I am 21 years old, started playing with 6 years on a Sega Mega Drive. I continued to play then with Gameboys (Gameboy, Color, Advanced, SP, ecetera) and of course the Nintendo 64, GameCube, Playstation 1 & 2 and last PC. Including MMO experience (WoW, RoM, Atlantica, Cabal Online, AION, FF, GW - and many betas and alphas which were promising, but not satisfying enough)
I don't know exactly how many games I've played, but a rough calculation is about over 600 (I'm also a huge metal maniac - knowing over 1400 Metal Bands yet - So I'm a Otaku).

However.. the reason why I introduce myself, is to clarify what person I am. Not a casual player nor just for fun. I play for the benefit of learning and actually listening to the ideas and dreams of a publisher and the creation team.

As the title says, it is about The Last Remnant. I'm playing this game since like.. 3 years? Jesus Christ. I love this game so much, I even played so long that I recently (about 3-4 weeks ago) finished the game FOR THE FIRST TIME within 3 years.

But hell.. after I've seen some guides, I saw that I missed so many things like The Fallen, or the Tower in the Sands. Or the Fiery Gates....
However.. I've started a second time, and the surprising thing is: It's still awesome!?

Now you might ask yourself what I am talking about. Well, while I'm a huge experienced player, I always play a game through the fastest as I can (This doesn't mean that I force myself, but rather want to "read" the "story" and know the end). When I finish a game, I uninstall it. Only a very few games where the ones who still drew my attention after playing through like Shinobido: The Way of the Assassins (PS2 game - best ninja game, better than Tenchu), Metal Gear Solid series (including Rising Revengeance), Final Fantasy series (On PS2 only), Fable 1, Warhammer series (including Dawn of War 5 AddOns, DoW 2 + 2 AddOns, Mark of Chaos, Space Marine, ecetera), Phantasy Star Universe/Online (But only singleplayer campaign), Monster Hunter Series (Only on PSP), Mass Effect 1-2 (3 wasn't the best anyway..), God Hand (Best Beat'em'up PS2 game of the universe), and two of the best Hack'n'Slay PS2 games Dynasty Warriors (including Warriors Orochi) and Demon Chaos.

However.. The Last Remnant is the only game of those 600, that never gave me the feeling of "rush"ing (wordplay <3) the game through.

The heroes, the battles, the atmosphere, the maps, the cities, the story, the remnants/artefacts, the four generals (Still can't believe Emma is dead..), the monsters, the dungeons, the bosses, the huge world, the legendary and unique creatures, the living world, the weapons, the CRAFTING SYSTEM! The ODACHI (I never knew what a Odachi was. It is now my favorite weapon. That an Odachi was used in the old dynasty in asia, to pierce through the horse and horserider.. and the length was so big, that some where big as 377cm ( and only the blade length is meant).)

However... The Last Remnant is a diamond in the history of JRPG's. It's not only a new and awesome gamestyle, it has also inherited the best experience taken from other JRPG's.

I'm talking here as a fan. I don't demand nor would I die if not, but at some point there has to be a chance of a The Last Remnant 2.

Maybe a other world, a parallel world - a world that still inherits the Remnants and the people even worships the artefacts to the deepest cores, only because of the fear of its powers.

I've seen many reviews of The Last Remnant. Some are saying that this game is hard as hell. But those are whiners, peoples who could not even play pacman without yelling "**** YOU GHOSTS! STOP CHASING ME!".
The most terrifying thing people always complain, is the difficulty and the somewhat bleak dungeons and surroundings. And the cities and dungeons are all little instances instead of one big instance...

To bring back the honor of JRPG's, there are some points of what I think can be made to create a bigger experience for casuals and hardcore players in the same time:

Difficulty level: Beginner (You never experienced a JRPG before and you want to face the challenge of mastering the basics.) // Intermediate (You experienced a JRPG before, but you like to challenge yourself and your skills) //
Professional (In your blood flows the JRPG spirit - you can't choose anything different than to prepare yourself for the hardest and strongest opponents)

Let The Last Remnant spirit be as it is. Difficulties aside, it is a awesome game with awesome races and awesome battles. If you want to change something, then just try to make it more perfect as it is. Maybe bigger fights and more units available. Adding more mystic and physic arts. More weapons, different weapons (Always thought how about bows? Or guns (Except Snievan and Torgal can only use the artefact Brionac, four guns, only in special conditions))

The Last Remnant has everything. Many cities, many choices and.. still feels like a heavy world and you are only there to kick some monsters in the ass. How about something like a "political system" or similiar? That your moves, like fighting for your country (including extermination of surrounding creatures) will increase their honor and strength, and will determine the position in the world you are fighting for.
(Bad reputation means low to none alliance/diplomacy and your right to take Soldiers/Peoples of other countries and the materials to trade are limited // Good reputation means mid to high alliance/diplomacy, allowing you to move in other countries and trade and take people for your alliance)
[Another idea would be in the end game, if your reputation is good, you face a great enemy together. If your reputation is bad, you face a great enemy all alone and maybe the great enemy allies himself with the nearby countries).

The Sounds - The Music - This needs to continue. Wonderful battle music (I love this sorta music, very nostalgic and influencing like the Dynasty Warriors/Orochi Warriors titles.
Everything is in harmony just by listening and doing the Quick Time Events in the same time.

The story of TLR is really good and I appreciate everything. I also liked the way Rush fought to save his sister. Very deep boundary that resembles the JRPG's style of drama and original reasons to fight for (instead of just "war, war, war - for more country, for peace" ecetera.

This is everything I have to say. I know that writing this is surely wasted and maybe noone will listen to me. But atleast I try to spread the word.

The Last Remnant is the best game I ever played. In one of over 600 games, this game is THE GAME that isn't just a turn based tactic roleplay game - It is a game that has everything. Love, War, Passion, Action, Loyalty, Nobility, Stability, Risks, Rewards, Living World, everything.

I wish SE would create another game exactly like this. In the same world as The Last Remnant. With the same Sovanis (I would kill to play actually a Sovani and equip him..), Qsitis (Even thoug they are somewhat weak and are just a rouge type that I mainly dislike), Mitras and the Yamas.. and of course the fifth hidden race, the Artefacts. And of course for the PC. Can't stand this fight between Microsoft and Sony, putting a new console every 2-3 years (I don't have money for this)

When people ask me what my favorite game is. I always tell them "The Last Remnant". I will play this game forever.

I'm sorry for writing so much.

12th Apr 2014, 16:13
Man Im on the same page with you. Ive played TLR through 4 times, every time going into more details, 1st time for completion, 2nd for DLC bosses, 3rd in Hard mode, and 4th, not yet finished for getting all the weapon arts possible. I could also say its my favorite game and still cannot believe eveybody is so negative about a sequel. Just saying that if you know for sure which are a great game weak points (in this case grafics and to some extent battles gone routinary) then fix it!! and thats it. SE has a crapload of excellent games (The Last Remannt. Chrono, Vagrant Story, Breath of Fire) that have been left behind while insisting in selling us that pile of muck that FXIII is.

20th May 2014, 11:57
I wanted to like this game a lot more than I did, the voice acting and characters were far above the average you get from most games that emerge from the land of the rising sun. Awesome names, David especially, what a great name ;) . I didn't feel bogged down by the quests for once, which usually happens when they try and artificially lengthen the game with all this "Find 100000 of item X". The story was great and the battle system was the most unique thing of all. I've played a few games since where you fight in divisions and stats are the combination of a group, but none of them have done it anywhere near as well. Unfortunately I was **** at the game and got stuck on the second to last tower. I just couldn't get the hang of it...which was a real bloody shame.

13th Jun 2014, 21:14
It's a great underrated gem, very enjoyable game with a great battle system and a great soundtrack.

That said, it's unfortunate that the main character is so damn uninteresting, stupid and awful when all the other characters are so much better. I have the same complaint with FF12, SO4 and other JRPGs of the past decade that were great except for the main character. I just don't see the fun in playing as an idiot with a rotten personality and make stupid choices, and only turns into a halfway decent human being near the end of the story. It's such an easy, cheap way to build an evolving character.

1st Dec 2014, 19:00
Square Enix Japan’s Cloud Gaming Service With Final Fantasy VII Launches This Week (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/11/30/square-enix-japans-cloud-gaming-service-final-fantasy-vii-launches-week/) (Siliconera)
- Dive In (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/company/ja/news/2014/html/879bfa7e6d81429d1e18f3b53dbef7d1.html), Square Enix Japan’s cloud streaming service, brings PC versions of games like Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy VII: International to iOS and Android devices.

15th Dec 2015, 02:51
Mobile Release

The Last Remnant now available on Mobile devices (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2015/12/the-last-remnant-now-available-on-mobile-devices/) (Nova Crystallis)
- The Last Remnant has suddenly been released today in Japan on both iOS and Android devices for 2000 yen.

25th Sep 2016, 21:03
I really wish this game would receive a sequel. Maybe treat a sequel (or even a remaster) as a project, instead of the mentality for it to be a big seller. There are fans out there that want more of this. Who can I contact to ask for a new game of The Last Remnant? In PS4 preferably :D

26th Sep 2016, 07:45
They have to make a LAST REMNANT 2! I want a pc windows version and a PS3/4 and an Xbox with the windows version been the Main format and the game that gets the most attention. The game improved so much with the PC version. I don't know if anyone at Square will see this but I tell them this: "YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE LAST REMNANT 2 - at all costs!!"

26th Sep 2016, 07:56
Simply put - Square you have to make another last remnant!
1 - The game has so much depth compared to other games.
2 - The story is the best
3 - The battle system is so cool
4 - I just want to Omnistrike you all for not making it yet.
5 - Its a game that lasts - it replay value is amazing
6 - Its funny, cute, emotional and inspiring.
7 - Its not bog standard - like a lot of games these days. Its different.
8 - The New game plus idea is one of the best ideas in gaming.
9 - Just think of all the things you could do with the game!!!
10 - Ill get cyclops out if you do not make the game n then you have had it - get it - not to mention Khyrina will be so... like "OMG WTF"

26th Sep 2016, 08:10
I want another last remnant but I also want you to put it so I can download it on my PS3. I love this game and think that there is so much more potential for another.
The last remnant is one of a kind and there is no longer any games like it or that can beat it.
Any game that can make you cry is a bloody good game in my books. The story line is amazing, the characters are amazing the whole game is amazing .
I would love it if you could make the PCs version of the game available on PS3 coz I would most definitely buy it and really think that the game deserves a sequel.

27th Sep 2016, 20:20
We really need this game.