View Full Version : The MOST silly solution yet...

8th Dec 2003, 02:47
My game was very very very laggy... on my very high performance pc... Have been experimenting on my pc now for days...
first i thought it was the sound+GFX optimization or something and i tried all those tweaks, but nothing worked... Then out of somewhere i thought about my joystick that is hooked to the PC... I proceeded to unplugg it and by doing so my framerate increased from 5-10 to 30-40 FPS. = LOL

So if you got a gamepad/joystick unhook it and it might work!

I didnt get much joy out of my stick with this experiance!

8th Dec 2003, 03:17
lol, after reading this post, i couldn't help but try the solution ^_^. Unfortunately, no luck... i unplugged my Gamepad Pro and lo and behold!!! ... no framerate improvement.... oh well, maybe i could try uplugging my graphics card next ;)

Thanks for trying though.

8th Dec 2003, 04:36
Well i deleted it also in the gamepad windows menu... it said still sidewinder blabla OK.
So try removing from there also and unplug...

well worked for me ... hehe

8th Dec 2003, 05:39
Not so stupid since USB is a share port and has been known to slow computer for a long time (in game actually). Same goes with other USB material you might have such as a webcam, gamepad, etc.