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8th Dec 2003, 00:49
Fresh install on a Windows XP class machine.
Defaults used in video card settings.

System (1-2Mhz overclocked from BIOS setting "enhance performance"):
Athlon XP 2100+ (268FSB) @ 1744Mhz
512MB DDR RAM (PC3200 running at 268Mhz) CL2-2-2-5 1CMD
VIA KT333 Chipset
Sound Blaster Audigy Audio in 5.1 mode
nVidia GeForceFX 5200 (NV34.3) AGP4X, AGP Aperture = 64MB, Fast Writes, Side Band Addressing

Via Hyperion = 4.51
SB Audigy = Latest EAX 4.0
nVidia Beta = 53.03
DirectX 9.0b

Fraps (640x480/1024x768) [+/- 1-3fps]:
*Bloom = Off
During Movie Playback: 75fps/75fps (vsync)
During Moving DeusEx Logo: 25fps/10fps
During Startup Logos (Eidos/IonStorm): 30fps/NA <- capped?
Audio/Video Setup Screen: 75fps/75fps (vsync)
New Game, Waking up and staring at wall: 7fps/3fps
New Game, Waking up and staring at floor: 20fps/7fps

Digital Ruin
8th Dec 2003, 02:56
Well the 5200 FX is probably part of your problem but even with my 2.5 ghz Athlon, 444 FSB, 9800 Pro @ 473/840 I get like 20-40 when I should get 60+ (and do on EVERY SINGLE GAME)

8th Dec 2003, 11:25
i have the FX5200 too, but 512 Ram, intel i875p chipset and P4 2.6C HT CPU.

after tweaking, i have this (approximations sorry, but it should be correct)

640x480: playable, about 30-35 fps (all options off) can go very low in some places though
800x600: about 20-25 fps maybe less in some places
1024x768: about 10 fps

secured2k, can't u use the card in AGP 8x ? that's what i do.
maybe your motherboard supports it, i don't know

also, will it be better if i use open gl instead of direct 3d (in user.ini)

8th Dec 2003, 11:38
I know the FX5200 would be a limitting factor but I can run games like Unreal 2, Unreal Tournament 2003, and Splinter Cell just fine. Sure I have to turn some details down and the resolution down, but it is playable. I can even play Prince of Persia Sands of Time with all the options turned up and WOW it looks good.

My chipset is a Via KT333... AGP2.0 support (AGP4x max). Even if I did have AGP8X my older CPU's FSB, memory bandwidth, and video card wouldn't allow for much performance increase.

What I expected was to have performace like I did back with the orginal DeusEx. I had an 800Mhz machine with GeForce DDR. I could turn all the fancy settings down and the game was a little laggy, but playable. With the current hardware, I can play the original with maxed settings and stay at 85fps all the time(vsync).

For a game designed to use DirectX 8.1 Technology, I should be able to run it with all the options turned down with at least ok framerate.