View Full Version : DEIW: TWEAKER Where is it???

7th Dec 2003, 22:10
Does anyone know where the IW tweaker is? I found one for the demo but not for the full game. Where can I find it and does it help? Thanks for your help.

7th Dec 2003, 22:42

7th Dec 2003, 23:04
Thanx but, I am unable to locate any tweaker for Deus Ex on that site. Do you have a link to the tweaker?

7th Dec 2003, 23:17
The Demo Tweaker works for the full version. If you uninstall the demo, then run the tweaker it will ask you to browse to the User.ini and default.ini files. Then it will apply the same tweaks that it did to the demo. I tried it and it's worked great so far. I'm running DX:IW on a 900mhz Tbird w/ 256mb of RAM @ 640x480 at a playable framerate (9700 Pro, Audigy). =D

I'm upgrading to a Athlon XP 2500 (oced to 3200) w/1g DD RAM in January. I'm anxious to see the difference in graphics and framerate.

7th Dec 2003, 23:20
Does anyone have a link to either the demo or full version tweaker?

7th Dec 2003, 23:22
CanĀ“t find it! I did the search as well, but nothing...U sure its in there?

7th Dec 2003, 23:30
Fuul Tweaker can be found here:http://www.deusexzone.info/downloads.php?file_id=454

7th Dec 2003, 23:32
I have it and I am sorry to say that it doesn't help at all. Thanks anyways. My FPS are exactly the same after running the tweaker.

9th Dec 2003, 01:58
for some reason, i have to reload the tweaker after every level i enter(traveling to new area).

is anyone able to get the loader to be working consistently throughout the game without reloading it?