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7th Dec 2003, 18:33
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I bought the XBox version of DX2:IW, and from what I am reading on the pc posts, both versions are equally flawed and obviously rushed out the door. If the game was designed with the XBox in mind, believe me - it doesn't show. The framerate is terrible - so much so that you get no feel as to being in the game. The environments are about as drab and lifeless as I've ever seen in a game. The combat is probably the worst part of the game. It likens to the old arcade light-gun days where you just keep blasting at whoever is shooting at you, except this time you have to use the thumbstick mixed with the jerky framerate to lock-in on an enemy. Don't even think about dodging or strafing - it doesn't work. I don't know how else to describe it, but given the other great FPS on the XBox (Halo, RTCW, Rainbow Six 3) you think that someone at Eidos or a beta tester would have pointed this out and had them consult with Bungie, id, or anyone else who knows what the heck they are doing. Then again, given what I have seen in the game and what I have read on these posts, I don't think the game had time to be beta tested before it was pushed out the door. PC gamers, you aren't alone on this one - except maybe the fact that my version has yet to crash on me

7th Dec 2003, 21:02
it figures...

greed took over any sense of decency ion storm had...

they knew to maximize profit they had to release it before christmas and that is what they have done... this is utterly ridiculous... i cannot believe a dev can get away with something like this...

the deus ex community is fuming right now... and we havnt heard one response to why we were shipped a defective game... just friggin silence from ion storm and eidos...

7th Dec 2003, 22:12
They get away with this, because people don't actually DO anything. If everyone who is convinced this is a defective product demands a refund (not just a replacement), they will have no recourse. If they refuse report them to the Better Business Beureau. It is dishonest, and perhaps illegal to sell a product that they KNOW to be defective. IF people took the time to make their displeasure known with their wallets they would listen. Only money talks. If people still buy the game and wait for the patch for god-knows how long, and they clean up by releasing this early to make the holidays they win, and gamers everywhere lose. If that happens what is to stop this from being the norm?

7th Dec 2003, 22:58
i can't make the subtitles to work .... if you know tell me, ive tried everything, of course turning them on in the audio menu.

also, i must say it runs ok but not great on xbox, and it's far worst on pc, i saw a friend with a very high config playing the game, it was just the xbox game, with horrible framerate. (same load 640x480 load screens, same console type menus, etc..)

8th Dec 2003, 08:48
what computers do you guys have??? im getting decent frame rates, average around 20-30 fps on 1024x768. sometimes even higher if I sent the game resolution to 800x600. And I assure you, I dont work for Ion Storm. And I'm running the game on an ati radeon 9600 pro 128mb.

This is how I have the game settings:
Bloom - off
Shadows - high
Lightning - high
Models - high
Vsync - off
1x multisample

8th Dec 2003, 18:12
P4 3.0 ghz , 2 gigs ram, 400 hd, 9800 256 meg radeon... Sorry to say it, but modern games should run well above 800x640. That is not an achievement but a mark of utter failure. Hell, most games I get now play smoothly a 1900x1200 with FSAA, and every setting maxed out.

Iron Jon
9th Dec 2003, 04:48
I can vouch for Xbox problems. Graphics are adequate but framerate slowdowns are occasionally a problem as the control gets sluggish. The biggest problem was the constant crashing of the game back to the Xbox dashboard every time I tried to save. The game became unplayable, as it automatically updates your save as you try to transition to another level and, BLAM, right back to the dashboard!

I don't know what these people are thinking. There's no way this was competently beta-tested...

Ninja Lawyer
18th Dec 2003, 17:56
I have the Xbox version and I was loving it up until I got to Trier. At that point I couldn't get any further because the game would lock up on the load screen to where I need to be.

Anyone know how I can get my money back from Eidos? At least the PC players get patches for this sort of thing. :(

19th Dec 2003, 03:45
My comp
p4 2.4c@3.3 Ghz
Sapphire 9800 Pro 128
Corsair Xms 3500 512 mb(Dual Channel) RAM

Game settings
Bloom - off
Shadows - off
Lighting - High
Models - High
1x multisample

I get about 45-70 fps. It runs smooth, although i get the occassional crash to desktop every hour or so.

19th Dec 2003, 04:25
Originally posted by Joshman
It runs smooth, although i get the occassional crash to desktop every minute or so. fixed :(

19th Dec 2003, 04:37
zoodboog, it's really that bad? Whats the longest you've gotten the game to run successfully.. just curious.

19th Dec 2003, 05:49
sometimes I can play for hours, sometimes I can play for minutes, it's so random, even after using default ini / tweaked ini / patch :(