View Full Version : Questions on Smoothness of gameplay

7th Dec 2003, 08:04
Alright i have a pretty high end system and i can run all games great on my computer i have a
3.0ghz pentium processer
ATI radeon 9700 pro(with latest drivers)
and 1gig of ram

but i find it impossible to play the game at 1600 by 1200 becuase it slows down a lot especially while turning or attacking. Is it impossible to play the game at this resolution for my computer?

If anyone could give me some tips on why its running slow or if it will just not be possible to run the game at this resolution without it being choppy?

7th Dec 2003, 12:25
NO there's no way!

Got the same specs as u and the same problems... even at 1024x768 there are slowdowns sometimes!!! Try the tweaker in the thread "try this! works with retail aswell" and u can maybe get some more frames...

Its just ****ed up! thats all...