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7th Dec 2003, 06:52
Hi all,

Like a loyal employee of UNATCO (remeber that first mission, when you thought you were working for the good guys?) I've waited for 3+ years.

My family, friends.. even my pets heard from me how devine DeusEx 1 was.

Even a friend who played with DX2 before me (demo, beta, stolen.. whatever) and told me the game was a let-down gamplay-wise did not deter me from boldly going into a game-store to pick up my shiny copy of DX2!

Heck, it was so shiny, I even picked up a walkthrough book just so I could enjoy the accompanying art, screen-shots, and all the other stuff that wasn't in the manual.

I even thought for a moment, hey.. my graphics card a GeForce MX440SE isn't supported.. and then, I proudly reminded myself how great DX1 was and wouldn't DX2 be worth buying a shiny new graphics card JUST FOR THIS GAME?

You know what? NO. DX2 is NOT worth buying a new graphics card for my PC... The reason for that is three-fold:

1) From most of the posts here, I hear complaints left and right and from people with top-notch systesm!

2) DX1 was in my opinion nothing less than a MASTER-PIECE, and again, in my opinion, there was NO reason to switch to a newer graphics engine. I would gladly have had DX2 as an expansion to DX1 (i.e. using the same engine and system)

3) This is something I'd never thought I'd say.. but.. thanks to Microsoft who have done a decent enough job on the XBox and thanks to BioWare who have done more than a decent job on SW:KOTOR, I have been persuaded to buy an XBox with said SW:KOTOR.

So... this is what I'm going to do to remedy a situation that already is beyond hair-pulling and tears...

Instead of buying a new graphics card only to discover that there's something else that prevents DX2 from running on my PC just so I get the pleasure of tweaking with countless INI settings to try to get to the next screen in the loader! I am going to do the following:

a) Immidiately install DX1 just so I won't lose faith in the story-telling and potential the series CAN display.

b) March down to the computer store, return my PC copy of DX2 and humbly beg them to replace it with the XBox copy.

c) Play my DX2 XBox copy (hopefully, THAT will work) until there is a PC version that is pleasently playable from the get-go in which case it WILL be worth buying a new PC Graphics Card for!

Doron (disappointed with form, yet faithful to content)