View Full Version : Rainbow vision?

7th Dec 2003, 04:36
For some reason the contrast default is way too high on my game so that all the various shades of black come out as bright red, green, blue, yellow, etc....so you can imagine i have a hard time getting into the mood with a lollipop swirling the symbol. I have a Geforce 5600 FX with 256MB RAM on it. It's a nice card, for all I know, and when I lower the contrast all is well, but as we all know it doesn't save the setting until you load a game so I have to navigate my rainbow to do anything. I checked the default.ini settings for the word contrast, found only one and it didn't help anything. Does anyone know how to fix this or am I screwed until a patch is released to allow you to save menu configurations. Suggestions would be super.

9th Dec 2003, 05:28
I have the same exact prob and have a Gforce 4 TI4400, its quite annoying, a fix would be greatly appreciated.


9th Dec 2003, 06:22
it turns out that if you lower the contrast in the nvidia settings for your desktop it fixes the problem. although now my desktop is all milky...

10th Dec 2003, 01:16
Make sure the default.ini file is not read-only.