View Full Version : dx:iw crashed during loading the 1st mission

7th Dec 2003, 04:14
my system is

xp 1900+
ram 256 mb
gf 4 ti4400 128 mb
win xp /w sp1
detonator 52.16

after the installation, game seemed to be running smoothly but while it was loading the first mission, it kicked me to the desktop. but i found the solution, a wreid solution, i have to set the dx:iw desktop shortcut compatibility to make it run under win 98...:eek: and it works:confused: but it runs with low framerates even with lowest setting (640x480). i think my system can run the game with better graphic.

damn it... why don't eidos just said it runs only on 98/me.

the only hope is wait for the patches.:(

sorry for my poor english...

ps. i've been waiting for this game for years (i'm a big fan of dx) and in thailand the distributor always set the release date much later than usa, so i called my grandpa and tell him to buy one for me. 4 days i counted down waiting for the gift. when i got it in my arms i was so happy that my waiting is ended. but:confused: actually i've to continue count down for the day eidos release the fixes. damn...:o

7th Dec 2003, 16:58
me too, the game crash during 1st level loading.