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7th Dec 2003, 03:45
any others having this problem? reply if you do, i just want to see how many people have this problem, i want to make a tally.....

7th Dec 2003, 06:27
Thats what happens to me, installation went smoothly, heck my keyboard mapping actually was saved and stays the way I like everytime I try to play, meaning that going into options right after the opening movie, not when starting a new game. From the opening movie to starting a new game everything is kosher. Just as soon as the game actually starts, it freezes. :mad: And posting my specs will do no good I suspect. And so far so good , no crashes, but wait til I can actually play the game, then I start whining about that.

7th Dec 2003, 08:29
Same sorta deal for me too.. Get all the way through all the movies, the front end, and all that but when it actually brings up the loading screen to load the first map, it just sits there. The machine isn't locked up, just the game is frozen. The mouse pointer turns back into the windows pointer and not the one in the game.

System specs:
2x AMD 2000+ MP, ATI 9700 Pro retail (dual monitor) CATALYST 3.9, 1G DDR, Tyan 2466-4m motherboard, Adaptec 3200S dual channel u160 RAID 64bit PCI card (2x drives in raid0)

7th Dec 2003, 12:51
I had the same problem. I have uninstalled the game that I have installed first in a custom folder (C:\games\Deus Ex 2) because I hate to have each time c:\program files\Company Name\Game name.

In order for me to avoid this problem I have just reinstalled it in the standard folder (Don't use custom installation).

It worked well for me for a time, but now I am unable to save a game after ~1 hour of playing; it crashes directly to the desktop.

Hope they'll release a patch before Christmas!

8th Dec 2003, 02:22
Tthis is driving my freakin crazy! I have installed and uninstalled 4 times now, and nothing seems to work. the loading screen just sits there for 3 or 4 min. and then crashes to desktop. I then get an error saying "Unable to authenticate original disc within time period". I hit retry and it just sits there again, and I finally just have to quit. Someone said to try it in win 2000 compatibility mode and it seemed to work for a few games, but now back to the same old feces! Anyone know how to fix this, as I like the game when I can play it!?

3rd Jan 2004, 04:43
I already bought a freaking new video card so I could play this game that now cost me upwards of $150 only to find I had the same problem. I figure the invisible war is the one the cd is waging on my compy.

Come on devs, havn't you heard of BETA TESTING?

If the game isn't ready, don't sell it! I would gladly wait a few more months for a working game.

8th Jan 2004, 00:54
Originally posted by ZEtAHybrid
any others having this problem? reply if you do, i just want to see how many people have this problem, i want to make a tally.....

Those with level loading problems should post your details in this thread: