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7th Dec 2003, 03:06
Ok! Here goes.....
Needless to say...I was and still am a great fan of Deus Ex 1...but...What the hell! What on earth has Ion Storm done here? I mean this game (as far as I have played it and also judging from all of these massive forums that I have read so far, almost everyone has got a problem with this game!!) There has to have been somekind of major flaw or something within the progamming of this piece of work! People with specs way above the recommended have got serious issues with this game...including my self. Youre not supposed to spend hours trying to get a game tork, when it is supposed to! All I can think of is that this "piece of gaming" was just simply rushed out to reach the christmas shopping mayhem...Maybe it was Eidos, maybe it was Ion Storm, maybe both who agreed to release this unfinished...I do not know, but still not this way!!!
I have no clue if this pc version of the game has got anything to do with the fact that it was also released on Xbox...it should have not...if it did, then please..for heavens sake make the damn thing even playable on the machines you´re making and selling it to! C´mon Ion Storm, why are you killing a perfect beginning with this unfinished piece of *****! I´ve got system specs above the recommended and so far I have been able to play the game for about 10 minutes...and of course with really low settings and alot of crashes...why????
WHY? This game is supposed to use the latest version of the Unreal Engine, but nothing works the way they´re supposed to! I have played several of the latest Unreal-engine powered games, and all of them have worked just fine, no problems what so ever! So why is this not working then? All I can think of is that Ion Storm has screwed up big time! And even worse, they have released this game totally unfinished and unpolished. Yeah the main aspects propably are there but with this kind of ****ty performance there is no way that this has been the way it was intented to be released! All we can hope for is that there would be a patch up soon to fix this. But still this is not the way to release a game! Please next time release it when its done! I´d rather wait for a finished product than get somekind of unfinished, unpolished rushjob!
Ion Storm just may have ruined a great gaming saga with this!:mad:

Cheers, Johannes

Digital Ruin
7th Dec 2003, 03:33

7th Dec 2003, 03:43
I couldnt agree with you more johannes.....