View Full Version : 53.03 Forceware driver nets significantly better performance

7th Dec 2003, 02:28
Like most of you, I also have been having my share of poor performance. Until today, I had been using Forceware 52.16 drivers. I also tested the previous three nVidia reference Forceware releases, all were worse than 52.16.
I was over at www.guru3d.com and noticed that eVGA (coincidentally the maker of my video card) had released their own new Forceware 53.03 drivers. Before I go farther, please note that these drivers are NOT WHQL certified. Personally, I've always hated the WHQL drivers because of their being overclocking unfriendly.
With the 53.03 drivers installed, my DE:IW performance has gone up substantially. I am running it at 1024x768x85hz with 4X multisampling, no bloom (preference only), everything else set to high. Before the driver change, this setting would still perform poorly. I have my mouse threshhold set at 0, along with all the other tweaks I'm sure you've also tried. I tried going to 1280x1024 with 4X multisampling, but it wasn't quite smooth enough for enjoyment.
I have a 19" monitor, and can run almost every other game I own at 1600x1200x75hz with all the options at maximum. The fact that I'm THRILLED to have found something that lets me play THIS game at the comparatively low resolution of 1024x768 with total smoothness is almost funny...almost.

You can pick up the drivers at www.evga.com, or mirrored at www.guru3d.com.

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7th Dec 2003, 15:10
the offical WHQL 52.16 drivers suck so bad (they caused practicly every game I have to crash within the first 10 min of game play).
I went back to the 43.03's. I have not tried the Forceware drivers but will try the 53.03 Forceware from guru.