View Full Version : Severe and repeatable crash

7th Dec 2003, 01:24
Ok, now I'm experiencing a severe problem.

It's occurring early in the game when you go to the lab to get your first biomod canisters. In order to gain access to them you need to chat with What's-her-name. She gives brief run-down on the biomod system. Anybody that's played the game probably knows which part I'm talking about.

Anyways, at one point during the conversation the game crashes to a black screen with about a dozen colored, vertical lines (mostly red). I then need to restart my computer. I can duplicate this. It happens every time at the same point during the conversation.

Has anyone experienced this? I can't just avoid the conversation because (I assume) she will unlock the cabinet to the biomod canisters afterwards.

I'm seriously annoyed now. If anyone can help I'll be most appreciative.

7th Dec 2003, 01:57
Ok, an update. It has nothing to do with the conversation. After travelling to the lab, if I stand in the doorway and look around, it will crash after about 10 seconds.

If I stand there and look straight ahead it doesn't crash. It's only when I start moving/looking around.

7th Dec 2003, 02:47
Another update. I re-installed the game, and was able to get through the lab. Installed my biomods, then left the room and chatted with the woman in the other room. The game crashed after our discussion.

Same black screen with coloured vertical lines, and a buzzing noise.

If someone has any ideas, please speak. I'm only like 10 minutes into the game, and I can't go any further.

7th Dec 2003, 07:01
Ok, one last update (I should start a blog). Everything is fine until I get to the lab. After that the crashes appear to be random. If I don't move, and I don't initiate any conversations, it doesn't happen.

If I run as fast as I can, and then save before it crashes I can make a little bit of progress in the game, but it's just not worth it.

7th Dec 2003, 19:37
Ok, I think I figured it out. My crash has a name. It's "Vertical Lines of Death", or VLOD. Apparently, I'm not alone.

I've got a retail 8500. I downclocked it to 250/250 and I was able to play for about 20 minutes with no crashing. Well, I didn't actually play much I just ran around willy-nilly trying to overwelm my card.

According to some, downclocking will only keep the game from crashing for about 30 minutes, so I also installed a new PSU with an additonal 100W as well. So, we'll see.