View Full Version : Problemos de Gameo es Grande (Or Help Me It Be Broken)

7th Dec 2003, 00:58

I have been waiting impaitently for DX2 for quite a while now. When I installed it I was getting very poor performance. Which I take it now that I have been reading this forum is not uncommon.

When I first installed the game my mouse did not work in menus but it did inside the game itself. And I had poor framerates.

I installed the newest drivers for my mouse, video card, and the lateset DirectX build.

Well the mouse problem has switched. It now works tittybannans in the menus but inside the game I have a mouse pointer hovering over my crosshairs. I can move the mouse to look but the second I press a mouse button it locks up not only the game but my whole freaking system. I can't close the game, get back to windows, anything. It locks up so bad that only a hard reboot gets me out of it. And by hard reboot I do mean turning the PC completely OFF waiting a bit and powering it back on.

Anyone else having this problem. I assume that it can only be fixed by somesort of PATCH which should be coming out ANY DAY NOW RIGHT EIDOS!

Of course why blame EIDOS, I personally think these problems are due to some sort of UNATCO conspiracy. ;)

Let me know if anyone has a solution:



Pentium 4 3.04 GHZ
1024 MB Ram
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
Logitech MX700 Cordless Mouse
Windows XP Pro

7th Dec 2003, 01:02
I just noticed on the ION STORM website that they are hiring QA Testers (Temps). If this game is any indication they need to hire a whole S**T TON of QA testers, who actually know what a bug is and make them permanent positions. This game should not have made it out of QA the way it shipped under any circumstances.

Who agrees with me?

7th Dec 2003, 01:10
I was crashing often with my P4 2400, Radeon 9800 pro
and Win98, almost always after reloading a level. I installed Windows XP pro, installed the latest drivers, and everything seems fine now as far as stabilty is concerned (Its been good
for 1 hour...) I installed XP pro in hopes that when it does
crash, it will dump to the desktop and let me restart the game, rather than locking up tight like Win98 was doing.
We will see...

7th Dec 2003, 05:51