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Veronica Ma
7th Dec 2003, 00:38
Hi there folks,
i'm having trouble finding a walkthrough for Whiplash.
any suggestions?

Umah Bloodomen
7th Dec 2003, 01:41
I did some searching and was unsuccessful at finding an online guide myself. You can order one from Prima Games (http://www.primagames.com/strategy/book/6636/) or check a local book retailer or Ebay or something.

Another suggestion I have would be to keep tabs on GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com) to see if they post a walkthrough soon.

Veronica Ma
8th Dec 2003, 00:26
thanks Umah. :)

8th Dec 2003, 21:58
If anyone gets stuck in the game, just post your questions here, and I'll try to answer then for you.

Veronica Ma
8th Dec 2003, 23:01
Thanks Chris :)
My son was stuck at the part where you need to release the monkeys from the gravity lift, but he managed to figure it out in the meantime.

But he has another question and would like to know "When you grapple, how do you get a good swing?" He's playing on the Xbox console and when he grapples an "air purifying sphere" he can't swing very far and can't get across where he needs to. So he's wondering if there's a way to do it.

kindest regards,

8th Dec 2003, 23:46
Hey there,
You can use the left analog thumbstick to swing back and forth when on a grapple sphere. Hope this helps.

Veronica Ma
9th Dec 2003, 00:18
Thanks for replying (and so quickly!) He's used the left analog stick to swing but thought there might be something else that might increase or boost the swing further.

9th Dec 2003, 00:33
Nope, nothing to boost your swing. But later in the game you will get a high voltage upgrade to let Spanx and Redmond swing on other high voltage grapple spheres.
Hope he is having fun with the game. :) We would love to hear what he thinks about it.

Veronica Ma
9th Dec 2003, 01:25
Thanks for replying. As for what he thinks, here's his reply...

"Hi Chris. I love this game. I like it because of the fact that you get to use Redmond as a war mace. I also like it because you get to break stuff. The controls are very easy to use too. Thank you for asking my opinion.:) "

"P.S. Why did you put butterfly in your name?"

9th Dec 2003, 01:36
Good to hear you like the game. :) If you get stuck anywhere, let me know, I know the game inside and out.

I put Butterfly in my name because I have been called the Lord of the Butterflies. It's just my nickname here in the forums or out in the desert. ;)


Veronica Ma
9th Dec 2003, 01:51
"Actually, I have another question. :) Is there a save terminal near the gravity room where you free the monkeys from the gravity lifts? I keep dying when I fall at the grappling spheres and the scientists kill me and the only save terminal I could find is the one by the cafeteria.:confused:"

"P.S. Do you spend the whole game in the factory?"

"Thank you!:cool:"

9th Dec 2003, 02:01
I know there is a save terminal in the beginning of Endurance. First room of the level, there is a button you have to press in order to open a door in the room. It is the room just before the treadmill room. Also I believe if you fall coming across the grapple spheres (the Anti Gravity Room), you might be able to get back up to the grapple spheres by using the anti gravity devices.

The trick to the grapple spheres is to jump, glide, and then while in the air close to the next grapple sphere, use attack again to grab the next one.


7th Jan 2004, 02:06
Ok, when youre in the executive office and the CEO guy brings down the gates so youre trapped in a little room, and he is shooting the fire balls at you what do you do? ive been running around in circles for ages.

8th Jan 2004, 18:56
try to get him to light all the lamps ;)