View Full Version : 2 Quick Questions, default.ini setting and bloom

6th Dec 2003, 23:40
1. As i understand it all non keymapping settings are saved in save files, so, if i edit "default.ini" to "optimize" the game's graphics, and load my savefile, will the settings take effect? Or do i have to start a new game? I'm asking this because i'm sort of far into the game and it would be a major pain in the jerk to start over.

2. How to turn freaking BLOOM off: I can't turn it off in game for some reason, some how the check mark just wont uncheck, note i can change all other video options. Doesn't work in either main menu or in a game in progress. I tried changing bloom_d(or t?) to 0 in the default.ini, but in both the starting menu AND in a loaded save game it STILL says bloom is checked. Does this mean it's off but it just says it isn't? or can it NOT be turned off?

6th Dec 2003, 23:59
NM, i somehow managed to turn bloom off. No noticeable fps decreases. Anyhow, can anyone answer my first question? do i have to start a new game for default.ini tweaks to work?