View Full Version : What in the world is Surf Time?

6th Dec 2003, 22:52
i know what all of the statistics mean, with the exception of surf time. What is this surf time?

7th Dec 2003, 03:43
In the level Hanger, you know that crane that is moving that box around? Yeah, that one. The time that you spend riding on it is surf time. There isn't an award associated with it as far as i know, but I do have almost 2 days of surf time.

Do a deathmatch with no bots and no time limit, go get on the box and turn the TV off, go to sleep, school, movies, whatever, when you feel like playing some more just Quit that game. This also will contribute to total time played and insomnia (if you do it at night), which do have awards associated with them.


10th Dec 2003, 06:00
LOL Thanks, but i dont want to fry up my ps2 :D

The Skeletor
11th Dec 2003, 03:55
Thanks,, I too never knew what surf time was.