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6th Dec 2003, 22:08
When I exit the game I have to always reset all my option settings.. video, game, sound, mouse settings,, Keyboard settings seem to save. Also, the sound will chop off sentances at times, and I know it's not part of the game. If it is, you all did some sloppy work and pushed this out just to milk us original fans.

The game has crashed once so far, and I'm barely into it.
Crashed when I took out the thugs at the Inclinator entrance. The ones who are waiting for Mr. P. The in game play is not as smooth as it should be. I have tried several settings. If I have to edit INI's and other junk, I will be extremely pissed.

ABIT IC7-G MaxII Advance - P4 3 GHz
GF 5200FX Ultra 128M - Corsair TwinX1024-3200LL
Thermaltake Xaser Edition 480W 2 Fan PSU - Zalman CNPS7000-Cu Pure Copper HSF
Plextor 52x32x52 Premium CDRW and a Lite-On DVD -+RW
Maxtor 80G ATA-133 - Audigy 2 w/CREATIVE MEGAWORKS 6.1 650
WinXP Pro SP1

The 5200 FX is not a terrible card,, it is adaquate. All of my other games run great on this system. Including Halo (after getting the video settings set right).

I am running the DXIW at 800x600 with Vsync. I did have to do some other tweaking to get it to smooth out. The actual game is better than the Demo (which is a piece of dog cr@p). I would not have bought the game after playing the demo,, but I had already pre-ordered so couldn't back out.

I am disappointed and demand a patch to fix this problem and others ASAP.

Just goes to show what game companies can get away with now that you can't take them back to the store and demand your money back once it's opened.

I'll tell you this right now,,, Thief 3 is at the bottom of my list, which is a HUGE dissapointment, I won't be spending a dime on it untill I see it for myself run on someone else's system.

You people need to get your cr@p together. There are ways of forcing you to give our money back , even if the stores won't.

Shame on you EIDOS. You have made me an un-happy customer.

Just found out that the user.ini and default.ini were installed as read only. No wonder I couldn't save my settings. EXTREMELY sloppy work on your part.

6th Dec 2003, 23:03
Now I am pissed off. This game is not creating a user.ini file. Nothing is read only and I am an admin on my PC.
This (Dx2userX.ini) is not the file referenced that needs to not be read only.

Screw You EIDOS and Ion Storm. You suck complete ass.

Final note on this. The non-keyboard option settings (e.g. video resolution, mouse sensitivity, bloom, etc) are stored in each save game. Thus, to restore these settings, you need to load a previously saved game.

Completely Bogus. Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Very Very Very Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy

7th Dec 2003, 03:45
I am still really disappointed with this game performance and feel.
Maybe a patch will fix most everything. AS some others have expressed here. I didn't buy this game to be the beta tester for it. Some beta testers get paid to beta test, not the other way around as it seems with this one.

As someone else here has also said, "take it back"
there are very very few stores that will take any game or software back once it's opened. Like maybe 10 in the whole country.

Hmmmm,,, "AS IS" EULA. Sounds like a money venture to me.
Grab a few thousand CD's, burn an "AS IS" EULA to it with a text file that says, "YOU JUST GOT SCREWED".

Wonder how legal that would be! Hey, you gotta open the game to accept the EULA, but ya can't return it once it's opened.

I'll bet money there's a lawyer itchin to take a case like this on.

I for one was never informed I was purchasing Beta Software.

The AS IS clause in any EULA has it's boundries, this game is pushing them very very close to the edge.

Just one more thing to set the record straight. The AS IS clause is not an end all to anyones obligation to support thier software.
If it's broke they are obligated to fix it (to an extent, there is always something out there that will cause it to break, you can't cover everything). In this case though, a class action lawsuit would hold up in court, and would force them to refund money.
They would not be able to hide behind an AS IS clause.

7th Dec 2003, 03:47
good thinking