View Full Version : Hello, GFX problem because of sound maybe?

6th Dec 2003, 21:03
Hello, I've been testing my game... playing it even tho it laggs horribly. (5-10 fps)

I've noticed that whatever resolution and settings i play with does not affect the lagg at all. however i might have come up on the cause...

After playing through the lab level i came upon the elevator and when the music of the elevator started my lagg dissapeared and i could play with full setting at more then 40 FPS.

So i continued to the next level and the lagg started again from the beginning, but i met some persons on the way which i talked to and on the 2nd or 3rd person (when it goes into subtitle mode), the lagg disapeared.

I am wondering if that might be the cause for the wierd lag ppl are experiancing, that the GFX and Sound system somehow are affecting eachother and not optomized well enough?
Im just brainstorming... maybe this post will help in development of a patch, then again maybe now. We'll see :)

My system is :
Directx 9
Radeon 9800 Pro 256mb ddr ram
AMD 3000XP
ASUS Motherboard A7N8X Deluxe
Sound Blaster Audity 2

Thx in advance!

7th Dec 2003, 11:15
I also have a problem that may be related to sound--the demo will not run, even though I just bought an FX 5200 card, so I'm wondering if my Yamaha AC-XG sound chip may be at fault.

Is there any way to see if it's the sight or the sound that's preventing the demo from running?