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6th Dec 2003, 19:23
The game aint out in the UK yet ive played the demo and basically it sux. So the question is the game worth it? Ive got an ok system 2.4Ghz AMD Fx5200 1Gb (heavily upgraded but drivers are up to date) . Does anything in the game make up for the problems

Side pt. surely no matter what platform the game is designed for there is no point in selling a product that will not work on ur average machine out there today. Average system being the MX series of graphics cards which is surely the standard card. You are just reducing your market with mistakes like this.

Personally I think you have just sold out a perfectly good orignal idea by formatting it for the X-Box.

Still open-minded

Moderate away

6th Dec 2003, 23:22
hey i've got an above average card, geforce4 ti4400.. so it should run okay right? runs like crap.