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6th Dec 2003, 18:22
Thanks to this string: Tweak String ( I have been able to fix a lot of the little annoying distractions in the game.

The big one to get rid of for me is subtitles (I end up reading and not being drawn into the game). I am not going to really start the game until I successfully kill them.

The game writes out subtitles regardless of what I check in the options menu. I went into the default.ini and set the 1st person subtitles and cinematic subtitles to false. That worked until I got to Leo and had a choice to make in conversation. The choice comes up either way, but after my character says my choice, the game just stalls. It doesn't freeze, but I can't move, Leo doesn't respond. I have to kill it in task manager and then bring subtitles back to progress.

Please help :confused:

6th Dec 2003, 19:27
I'd love to know the answer for this one too! You'd think the check box for subtitles would have an effect? Does it do anything?:confused:

6th Dec 2003, 19:35
All it does now is remove subtitles when an NPC is talking "outside of a direct conversation". Like when a security guard tells you to moove along. . .

8th Dec 2003, 00:39

8th Dec 2003, 01:56
kinda same problem, but on xbox: i can't enable the subtitles, no matter weither it's checked or not in the audio menu.

i always see 3 dots...