View Full Version : Terrible Framerate, please read.

6th Dec 2003, 17:29
I guess there must be something to fix this, because it can't be possible.

I own the retail version, and my PC is a P4 2.6 Ghc (HT), intel Chipset i875p, FX5200 Graphic Card 128 , 512 DDR RAM, SATA HDD.

I got about 5 fps at 640x480, all options off...

I tried some tweaking of the default.ini, and now the best I can is about 150 fps at 800x600, but all graphic options off.

Is this normal, or did I miss something ?

If the game is really this slow, I must say paying the game + a new graphic card is really too expensive for me.
My PC is very new, but still it's completly unplayable. I hope there is a solution.

thx in advance.