View Full Version : no one had "please insert disk 1" problem?

6th Dec 2003, 16:33
Everything was running smoothly until I finish level 2, when loading level 3, the screen starts flashing, showing ¡§Please insert disk 1¡¨. I did have disk 1 in the cd-rom, so I took out and insert again, but still asking me insert disk 1. I¡¦ve update all the drivers that I need to, and also update to v.52, haven¡¦t had any graphic, sound nor game-saving problem. I even uninstall and reinstall the whole thing again, but no use. So I really stuck now, could anyone please help me?

6th Dec 2003, 22:26
My game ran fine the first two times all the way through, but after I played with it through MSDOS (for fly cheat, etc.), I've been getting a "Please Insert Disk 2" message. I insert disk 2 and get nothing.
I used the full install (which isn't supposed to require any disks). What should I do about this?

6th Dec 2003, 22:32
@ liquidsky: if you had the full installation, did you try playing the game without any cd in the cd-rom player? I remember I had that message when having the cd in the player...

7th Dec 2003, 02:11
tipsko: yeah..i have full installation, and did try to play without any cd in the cd-rom, but i still have the same problem, the only difference is that the screen stop flashing, only black background with the white text: "Please insert disk 1".

23rd Jan 2004, 11:30
I have the same problem when I try to enter a house in Parisian Ghetto (don't remember which). :(

23rd Jan 2004, 23:55
Make sure you have several hundreds of Megabytes free on the drive where the game is installed, that seems to cause such a problem with some people.

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25th Jan 2004, 00:45
Yeah. It needs a lot of space to swap temp files back and forth. At the size of most HDs these days, they probably didn't anticipate it being a problem for anybody. Also, it may want the space to be completely free and contiguous - so try defragging, too.