View Full Version : Favour from someone with the PS2 version

6th Dec 2003, 12:52
Whiplash appears to use an enhanced version of the Mad Dash Racing/Blood Omen 2 engine.

I only have the demo for PS2 (I bought the full version for the XBox), but I did find a PS2.RKV file on it, and was able to use SoundReaver to build a playlist file from it, although some of the audio sounds like an Imperial probe droid.

Can someone with the full version of the game for the PS2 give it a try and see what happens? Use the instructions here:


...for the PS2 version of Blood Omen 2, if you're not familiar with SoundReaver. I'm not sure where PS2.RKV will be on the disc, hopefully it's right at the top level.

Umah Bloodomen
7th Dec 2003, 00:16
I love Imperial Probe Droids! **insert Umah is a huge Star Wars freak here*** :D

I don't have the full version yet, but I will give this a try when I get it. :)