View Full Version : dx:iw putting files in your temp folder in the windows directory?

6th Dec 2003, 06:36
does any one know why they would do that?

btw is there a file where a can hear the complete main menu music or a part of the game that plays it? i know the web site plays the song a little when it loads the site

6th Dec 2003, 06:56
Most programs write to the temp directory during installation. When installation is complete those files should automatically be removed. This doesnt allways happen.

I dont have DXIW so I dont know what files they are, but I would say delete 'em and dont worry about it. If you want, create another folder, and cut and paste those files into the new folder. Then start DX, if all works well and your saves havent disapeared go ahead and delete your new folder along with whatever files you dumped into it. If something goes screwy put 'em back.

Probably nothing to worry about though, unless you accidenty installed the game in the windows temp file.