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6th Dec 2003, 06:12
Ok, this post might get a little long. Any help is greatly appreciated. Playing FF7 on my XP machine. Everything works completely fine until I need to race the chocobo to escape the corel prison. Game crashes. Find and install the Chocobo patch. That worked gret and continued on. Now I get to Cosmo Canyon and when I try to go into Buggenhaggen's obersvatory, the game crashes. Nothing I can do will get me around this. So i download the save game from Eidos and continue on my mission. I get to the came of the GI. Beat the boss and when RED13's movie plays, there is no video only sound and it doesnt progress. It just sits there and sits there and sits there. Now, after installing that patch the beginning videos do not load up, no other videos will load up and now i cannot advance any further. I have tried all patches that apply to me (duck motion patch, the two nvidia patches, downloading the newest windows media player even though that wont do a thing, upgraded my video card drivers again, reinstalled the game and nothing will work) What can I do? It does not want to initilize any video. Infact it doesnt even read from the cd. So i take the videos copy em to my HD and change registry settings around, stil ldoesnt want to initialize them. What am I supposed to do??

***System Specs***

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Total of 240 gig HD
512mb pc2700 DDR Ram
Geforce 3 Ti200 Video card
Windows XP Sp1 Home Edition
DX 9.0b
Ac'97 Avance Audio (Onboard)

10th Dec 2003, 20:18
The Chocobo patch...is just for the Chocobo Race minigame for WinXP and 2000. Turns out the porters of the game...screwed up...and used a part of 'Windows only memory'. So happened that the older Windows didn't use this area of memory...but when the newer WinXP and 2000 got released.....they did...and crash...memory conflict.

The obeservatory crash....

The common crash there was that the characters would just be standing there.....forever.... The reason was because the next movie was supposed to activate and wouldn't. The cure....I don't think anyone has ever found one. Or if they did, they never told us which suggestion worked. Other than having someone else playing through for you. It has to be an audio timing error or a codec confict hidden in windows. Probably a combination of things that makes it hard to fix. All I know is that I never had that problem (I have Win98, but the problem has been around since Win95)....could be the cd disk for all we know. So far, this crash is a fatal crash....unless you know someone, who will play through for you. Your save file will be okay....it's just that there is something 'up' with your PC/OS. Get someone to get you to the next save point....was how this crash was solved all so many years ago. Reinstalling Windows, would sometimes do the trick, too....but not always.

I lost you after that.... Doing stuff randomly, won't get you anywhere......

The TNT patch doesn't solve any crashes.....People just used parts of that patch to get Hardware mode working on a Geforce card. mainly just the FF7config.exe.....Use that file with the original FF7.exe will usually allow you to play in Hardware mode. But it won't cure any crashes. If you copy over the ff7.exe from the patch, you'll most likely get a black screen crash. ATI owners would use the whole TNT patch.....but have to use a certain driver. Some Geforce users will use the whole TNT patch, but use Rivatuner to disable 8bit pallet maually. The 8 bit pallet test must say FAIL in order for you to use the FF7.exe from the TNT patch.

The upsidedown movie patch/duckmotion thing....is just use to solve problems when the movies won't play or play upside down....Before you even try the TNT patch trick....like when you first install the game and have that problem...in Software mode. And anything that won't work in Software mode...will never work in hardware mode.....You have to squash the bugs in Software mode first.

the using older video driver thing....I haven't tested the drivers of late...but again that has to do with getting Hardware mode working, and the TNT patches FF7config.exe. Shouldn't have anyproblems with driver versions if your using Softwaremode. As long as Nvidia doesn't mess with their 8bit pallet in their driver....we shouldn't have any problems with the hardwaremode trick. But who know what they modify in their drivers? FF8PC seems to be more sensitive to driver versions than FF7PC, anyway....but I'm losing focus.

I recommend playing this game in Basic Sound Acceleration mode. Type dxdiag in the run menu of windows.....go to the sound tab, and select basic acceleration. After finished...change back. You don't need to reboot, it's an instantanious change. This will solve many crashes, releated to sound timing....maybe even the observatory, one, if your lucky. I had a problem with the dolphin jumping minigame.......and basic acceleration fixed that crash; also fixed the biglight.avi problem I was having.

As for your Red13 crash....double click on avi's....I don't remember what that Red13 video is called....but it might be called sako.avi. (shows Red13's father as a statue...and a tear)If you double click it and it doesn't play on regular media player....most likely it's a corrupt disk/movie. And no patch in the world will fix that.... Maybe a movie substitution trick will get you by. The movie substitution trick may solve the observatory hang-up too. That's when you copy the movies to your HD, change the windows/FF7 registery, and copy/rename another movie of equal or greater length, over the bad one.

And if your version is cracked....your doing a lost cause...be easier to just buy a 13 dollar PS1 game and use ePSXe, or buy a refurb $30 playstation

11th Dec 2003, 00:36
Thanks for the long post with possible solutions but the game worked perfect until I tried the chocobo patch. Even right after the patching the game worked fine until I saved and closed it out. But when I was in Corel Prison and had to raece a chocobo to escape, it would always crash. No error message just crash to a black screen. As far as other things, the videos all work perfectly, I've already viewed them with windos media player and other players. I can assure you there is nothing "wrong" with my os. Like i said the gamee ran perfect until I had to race a chocobo (not the mini game but to escape from Corel Prison) All movies previous to that worked fine and everything was perfect. Then All this other crap started happeneing after the patching. So i removed the patch and completely uninstalled the game and re-installing it. Nothing seemed to work. I did get past the movie where red13 howls at his dad though, (it kept playing sound but not video, but it wasnt playing the sound it should've, kept playing the bg to htat level) all i did was minimize the game for a few minutes then restored it and it went past that part. I havent played this game in years so im not sure how many times i have to interact with movies (able to move my guy around while a movie is playing) i just hope i dont have to do anything vital during a movie. But anyways ive been playing FFXI a lot now so 7 is put aside. thanks for your help

11th Dec 2003, 16:42
It forces you to play the minigame, when you get out of the prison. That's the only thing the Chocobo patch fixes.....If you really fear that patch....then just use it for that part....and reinstall, and never do the Chocobo race thing again....not even the bets. Don't confuse the Chocobo patch with the user made, bloated, WinXP patch. I still don't know why that WinXP patch is so huge.

The observatory crash....is a common crash and is not related to the Chocobo patch.

I have no idea what's up with the Red13 no video, wrong sound thing.

As for you OS...I didn't say the configuration was wrong.....I'm just saying, the port of FF7, is probably conflicting with something within Windows, or maybe conficting with some hardware, such as your onboard sound.

I still think that if you play in 'Basic' Sound Acceleration, you'll have less problems....meaning, it will probably solve that Red13 problem. That is, if that movie isn't corrupt. It's not a common crash....first time I've heard about it. And I've been here since Winter'99.

The FF7 port, is not a good port....

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3rd Jan 2004, 16:34

just look at your faultlog.txt to see what is being dumped.

you can find a reason for a crash in here. this is what MS uses to determine crashes.

3rd Jan 2004, 17:30
My problem (at the moment) is that the sub mission causes FF7 to crash to desktop. Had the Chocobo race prob as well, patched it but I made a fresh install because of another problem (Cid doing the Hyper Jump and the game crashing to desktop). And yes, I am using XP... Do you think the Chocobo patch could fix that problem as well?

5th Jan 2004, 07:48
Sometimes FF7PC just doesn't like some PC configurations....and it looks like it doesn't like yours....

The Chocobo patch won't fix anything but the Chocobo Race.... Your not the first one that has had problems with Cid's Limit Breaks, and the Sub minigame. Most likely it's going to have a problem with Cloud's final limit break, too.

Since I never had this type of problem, I don't know a workaround for it. I'd start by putting Direct Sound Acceleration into basic mode....and I would try playing in Software mode, if that didn't work....and lastly I'd try and play it in Quarter Screen mode.

9th Dec 2004, 01:10
ok ive had enough i want to play ffvll bad but it messes up on my comp so bad right b4 battles it randomly freezes and i cant get yuffie everytime i find here and defeat her it freezes right b4 u get to answer the questions and reponses and stuff to get her its so #%#!$#ing annoying if u have ideas or suggestions it will help ty so much and well i hope some1 reads this if u need to no nehting about my comp is about 6 mouths old from about june 2004 it has alot of good stuff but an ok graphics card it should be more than enough for ffvll if u need to no the specs to help me ill be checkin the forum so ask plz some1!!! help yuffies the best!! well to the right of cloud at least

9th Dec 2004, 02:09
i fixed cosmo canyon wit software mode but i cant see to shake the yuffie problem it always seems to crash and in windows xp error or some **** when i go to talk to yuffie after u defeat her pplz help me

9th Dec 2004, 02:19
i solved my own problems lol isnt that ironic well neway if u guys have that problem wit yuffie play it in quater screen mode wit software mode for futher refrence for u guys:D