View Full Version : Let me say it: FRAUD.

6th Dec 2003, 05:19
If you bought a car, but it wouldn't have the wheels put on for a while until it was PATCHED, you'd call your ******** lawyer. If you bought a car that was advertised as being able to go 80 MPH, you'd be enraged if it turned out it could barely make 20 MPH, and yet the equivalent is blandly accepted as routine here. Ion Storm has really gone too far however, releasing an UNPLAYABLE game. The gaming industry needs to pull it's ***** together, Ion Storm / Eidos in particular.

6th Dec 2003, 05:40
a) Was it really necessary to spam the same rant across three threads (and counting)?

b) If you have a technical problem, why not see if anyone here can help you address it? Posting details of the problem along with your system specs would be a good start.

c) The demo had the same problems yet you still bought the game - even though it was released less than a week later?

6th Dec 2003, 06:23
Fraud is a serious offence and going around accusing ppl isnt cool. If you bought your car and something is wrong with it, either try to fix the problem like a big boy, or take it back and quit crying.

These are PCs we're talking about. Things go wrong with them, there are a billion different configurations. Work it out and everything will be ok, or wring out your blanky and take your nap.

6th Dec 2003, 07:13
If car companies make their products like software companies do theirs, there will be a lot of dead people..

6th Dec 2003, 08:24
You can't compare software to cars.

6th Dec 2003, 08:28
Playing this is like driving a Porsche with square wheels.

6th Dec 2003, 15:24
Tell me, any group of people smart enough to code a game, are smart enough to know that it's going to play like a lead weight on a PC, especially with a little something called "beta testing". So yes, I think it's fair to say that claiming a product is stable and effective on "35 pc systems", is either twisting words into knots, or outrightly fraudulant. If the rationale is "we'll release a defective product, but it'll be fixed with some patching", it's still fraudulant to require people to pay for the broken product only with the intent to fix it later.

Second, "b) If you have a technical problem, why not see if anyone here can help you address it? Posting details of the problem along with your system specs would be a good start." Twerp, I've done just that 2 days ago, see the thread: Good system poor performance, where I posted my DXDIAG results, and system specs. My computer, for the record, is completely up to date, and quite a powerhouse. I know enough to kill al AV and firewall procs before coming to a forum and *****ing that a game is a defective pile of *implied explative*. Finally, look at the threads here, and on the gamespot.com forum before you make an asinine assumption that I wrote this "spam" without some background.

Third... comparing software to cars as something called an "analogy"... if one of you was so dense that you thought I Was making a statement about relative VALUE, I pity you.

Fourth... yeah, there ARE a lot of configs, and it would appear that most or all of them, suffer from the same problems. Further, we're not talking about rare and exotic setups having problems, we're talking about the standard: intel mobo, DDRRAM, P4, Radeon 9800/Geforce 5900 or other common and excellent configurations on many of these complaints.

Fifth... I didn't download the demo. Was that a stupid move? In retrospect it probably was.

Penultimate (nice word, use it when yah can...:p ) 15 pages of virtually the same complaint on countless systems, with DXDIAG results, and proper configs is a testament to the fact that the problem does NOT lie with the people making the complaint.

Finally: Wharf I keep my blanky dry and I am well rested, but thanks for the concern yah *implied explative* :D

6th Dec 2003, 17:42
Would you care for a little cheese with your whine? Oh boo hoo!
Cheer up mister poopie pants and wait for a patch like the rest of us :eek:

6th Dec 2003, 19:08
I am *****ing, absolutely, but if people do not express their displeasure with these situations, and demand compensation or a refund then this will continue to be standard practice.

Oh, and bucko, if you think that one patch is going to solve the problems with this game you are even dumber than your post would seem to imply. :D

6th Dec 2003, 19:18
So you think that what, a 100 or so bought this game? Lets says that's 10% of all the people that bought this game. But the other 90% aren't in here because they're playing the game.

Sorry have to factor in people that are not internet savvy. And lets say an additional 3% can't find their way to the forums. Overall yes this is a bad release, but who can remember Morrowind release? Same deal, PC to XBox and released around the same date.

The PC version was broken just like this game is, and yes one week --if I can remember correctly-- later a patch was out that fixed 97% of the problems. So yes, it can be done, a patch CAN fix all these problems.

6th Dec 2003, 19:21
I agree with spang. I have a 2.8 GHz, 1GB RAM, and TI 4200 system and the game is unplayably slow even at 640x480 with everything on LOW. I am so upset about the game I can't even begin to talk. And I can't return the game. So basically, I wasted $45 dollars. And its not like I wasted $45 on a bad game, more like burning the $45. I can't even play the damn game!

6th Dec 2003, 19:49
Had you taken the time to read the licence agreement that you agreed to be bound to by installing and playing that game, you would see that the software is supplied "as is". If you don't agree, you have 90 days (in most states) to retun it for a full refund. So stop complaing like a twelve year old and take it back!

There, arent you happy! You just got the "compensation" you wanted!

I won't be returning to this thread (I have a life), feel free to say anything you want about me. Maybe it will make you feel better. :p

6th Dec 2003, 19:57
"If you read the license agreement." and "I have a life" in the same post? LOL. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what the EULA says because Walmart simply won't take it back.