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6th Dec 2003, 04:51
no, I REALLY can't believe it. I have played the first game over and over like most fans have, I have waited for close to two years to get this game: like a good fan I have checked the website several times a week to get updated and have gotten more and more excited.
To get me warmed up I have purched several other games lately that required a higher performance graphic card, so I went out and spent the money, not really to enjoy these games but in preparation of DX2. Maybe I am senil in my old age but I don't recall seeing a segment on the webpage about technical requirements (is it there, if not I cannot even begin to describe how ripped of I feel).
One of the last games that I bought was Splinter Cell and I was really amazed by the graphics, especially the effects of light and shadow that my new graphic card (surprise, a MX level card) was able to display. After having the guys in my game store demo this game for me I was sure that it would run on my PC, after all "Splinter Cell" looked much better on my 'old' (18 month) PC than DX2 looked on their high performance machine. Needless to say I can take a lack of graphics if I get a better story and gameplay which DX1 had and DX2 certainly promised but I guess I will never find out, cause I have a MX graphic gard.
For a short time I had considered getting a new card but to be honest, I have just bought a new one (and it is not a bad one) a few month ago so that already put me on edge --- but reading some of the replies of the administrators on the forum just made me aware of one of thing I sometimes strive to do -- DO NOT SUPPORT THE WRONG PEOPLE. You have no idea how dissapointed I am, but I don't even think that I could enjoy this game even if somebody would give me a free graphic card that would work.
Goodbye Eidos, goodbye Ion storm, but I will make a big circle around any games that will have your logo on the box whenever I see them in a computer store.
have a pleasant day celebrating your "sublime masterpiece" {PCGAMER}

6th Dec 2003, 05:05

in case you can't read the text:

(excluding the Geforce4MX)

This was also covered in the readme file for the PC demo.

6th Dec 2003, 13:48
i was more talking about mentioning the grapic card requirements somewhere on the DX web page that has been up for a while now. once you find the information in the read-me file it's obviously too late, you can't return th game opened. as for the link that you mentioned, that's fine, but I usually don't hunt down pictures of the packaging on the EB website. so unfortunately I had to make a trip to the mall to look at the box and leave without a game.

6th Dec 2003, 14:14
If you have enough skill to find your way to these forums and enough time to sit through the flash animation on the official game site, you should be able type "deus ex invisible war requirements" into google:


BTW, the demo (and therefore the readme file) was freely downloadable before the game went on sale.