View Full Version : Graphic problem AGAIN and some kind of solution as well

6th Dec 2003, 03:05
Ingame menu, the first one, where you can see rotating Ion Storm logo is surrounded with strange mutli colored, mostly sharp red, blue and yellow fire with flying debries. The same color effects appear during intro video, but not in EIDOS logo... Unfortunately I can't send you pictures, since there's no such effect visible on them...

So I toyed a bit with Default.ini and found out that once I change UseManualRefreshRate=False line to True in D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] the problem is gone, but the game runs only in windowed mode :) There's also an option to force the game to use various graphic features, even bit depth and resolution of your choice, but it's funcionality is kinda dubious... Anyways if anybody would be so kind to help me with my graphic that would be great.

Dx9.0b installed, Dxdiag ran with no problems found. I own GF3 Ti 200 with 64MB RAM and 52.16 drivers. CPU AthlonXP 2400+ 220FSB + 512MB RAM.

My impressions: Well let me tell you I've seen this before (Raven Shield) The game which is in it's ALPHA stage being released since there's a push from "above" and we're screwed. The same applies to Deus Ex 2, all it takes is a little glance around. So many problems, so many.... Well Santa is coming and he's got a few bad apples in his bag one of'em is definitely Deus Ex 2.

Good luck to you all and happy new year to you all as well, even if may be a bit early for it. :D