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6th Dec 2003, 01:18
I can not believe what I am reading. I can not play Deus Ex 2 because of the graphics card that was built into my computer happened to be a GeForce 4 MX. How dare you do this to me and everyone else who own this graphics card. And what is it all over? As far as I've heard, this whole pixel shader is used for lighting. YOU WANT ME TO BELIEVE THAT I CAN'T PLAY THIS GAME WHICH I HAVE WAITED FOR FOR THREE YEARS BECAUSE OF THE THING THAT RUNS THE LIGHTING? And what kind of support do I get? Return the game or buy a new graphics card. Well, let me just give you big **** you right now. I mean hell, these things aren't even mentioned in the freaking instruction manual. And don't just say, get the Xbox version, because I hate the Xbox, its a crap system, and I don't have the money to buy it for one game, the same as I don't have the money to buy a new graphics card for one game when my computer is brand new. How dare you alienate so many people like this. Didn't someone think about this before hand? The MX series is one the best selling graphic cards, and you just cut them all out. **** you, and **** you all of you. I would have sent this as an email to someone at Eidos or Ion Storm, but lo and behold, I can't find an email address. Maybe because I'm too pissed off at this whole thing, or maybe its not there, but either way, this was a stupid decision. I know there could have been a way around it. There is no reason why a brand new computer can not play this game. So what if the graphics take somewhat of a hit. At least more people will enjoy the damn thing, instead of wanting to punch the living **** out of the person who made this decision, because if I could, I would punch them dead in their face. Well, **** you and have a spec****ingtacular day. And yes, this is probably my first and last post here.

6th Dec 2003, 01:24
Hate to tell you this, but this game is utterly unplayable even if you had next years biggest video card and CPU. I haven't gotten 10 minutes into the game yet because the performance/frame rate is so low on my high end PC that I can barely control my character or see what's going on. This game is worthless on the PC, completely.

6th Dec 2003, 01:35
agree and there is no reason for the game to be running so slowly either.

I cant see the difference between DX1 or 2 except some dynamics.

The models are awful i think.

From the intro the models look seriously awesome with theyre glowing eyes, but do you see that ingame ? nope !

6th Dec 2003, 01:37
On the box it says that you need a FULLY DirectX 9 compliant video card. And as far as I know all 100% compliant DirectX 9 video card have pixel shaders.

I believe your video card to be 100% DirectX 8.1 compliant, but not DirectX 9. I suggest you get the 3DMark 2003 benchmark (not 2001). This will give you a good idea of how your video card fares compared to real DirectX 9 cards.

Other companies have been writing codepaths in case end-users do not have pixel shaders. This evidently hasn't been done by Ion Storm.

Eidos AND IonStorm should publish *NOW* a list of video cards on which the game was tested and found the game to perform at a decent frame rate. But I'd be surprised if we see that. IonStorm seems determined to not interact with us that much...


6th Dec 2003, 02:08
Actually it is completely smooth for me with all the settings up. I have a high end system, but it's nothing exotic. No overclocking. Plain old P4 3ghz. So the game CAN play smoothly on high end systems. There's some as-yet-undetermined flaw that is slowing it down on some systems. Not that I can play--I keep getting booted to the desktop. Ah well... if its not one thing it's another... :D

6th Dec 2003, 02:26
I crash about once every 20 minutes, usually right
after a reload. I have a Radeon 9800 Pro with
Catalyst 3.9 drivers.

I am somewhat smooth at 800x600 on my P4 2400
with Radeon 9800 Pro. I play with the mouse sensitivity
cranked up high, and that reveals slow framerate.
I do like the dynamic lighting. It would be nice if they
had a way to minimize it in favor of higher framerate.

6th Dec 2003, 03:53
Originally posted by DIMKYA
I mean hell, these things aren't even mentioned in the freaking instruction manual. .....

What does it say on the box again? DirectX8.1 compliant. It was even in the readme for the demo.

The MX series is one the best selling graphic cards

In your dreams. The MX series was sold by the likes of Dell to people who are/were technically clueless. If you've been waiting for this game for three years, you should've known better.

wanting to punch the living **** out of the person who made this decision, because if I could, I would punch them dead in their face.

While Eidos have done a lot to be angry at, how is this sort of crap supposed to help?