View Full Version : the better the system the worse it plays

6th Dec 2003, 01:01
Its pretty clear that dx2 is an xbox game with min. added pc support.
As a test i installed and ran dx2 on all 4 of our machines at the same time The order of playability is:
P4 1.4 512rdram 400 sys. bus ati 9700 pro 25 fps
P3 1ghz 512 rdram 400 sys bus ati 9500 17 fps
P4 2.4 512rdram 533 sys. bus ati 9700 pro 13 fps
P4 3.0 1gig pc3200 xms 800 sys. bus nv 5700fx 7fps
all cards are 128mb
all machines have dx9 except P3 has dx8.1
All reading taken in 1st room looking at fan faced towards window with rotating light
I haven't seen so FEW video options available in years
I was fortunate that Eb took game back as defective but would suggest people trade game in rather than wait for a patch
play disk is securerom4.8xx