View Full Version : Updated This, Updated That, Changed the Sound Card...

6th Dec 2003, 00:55
I would reply to my first thread on this topic, but it seems to have disappeared...misteriously. So to recap, I have a decent system set up lean for gaming.

Windows XP SP1
AMD XP 2700+
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
<s>eDio Live 5.1 with cmedia 8738 chip</s>
Sound Blaster Live 5.1

So at the advice of someone here, I updated my Cat 3.7 to Cat 3.9 drivers. Did it improve the games performance? Not one tiny itty bitty bit. Did it make it look better? Not one tiny itty bitty bit.

He said my onboard sound was not a good way to go, especially with the old drivers (newest ones available). Well it wasn't onboard, but a 5.1 sound card with a cmedia chip (commonly used onboard). Anyway, I yanked it out and put my Sound Blaster Live 5.1 back in and installed the newest available drivers. Does the game run any better now? Not one tiny itty bitty bit. Does it sound any better? Not one tiny itty bitty bit.

I changed the cache size in the default.ini to 16, set mouselag to 0, changed the HUD size, dinked with Bloom and all the other settings. Now does it run even remotely playable at 1024x768 (I won't go any lower, it's unacceptable) with medium to low in game graphic settings and AA & AF set to application preference in the drivers? Not one tiny itty bitty bit.

I don't know how to display the FPS but I would guess it is running around 8 - 22 frames per second. It's so choppy and laggy that I can barely even aim him at an object to pick up or press a button. I have not even gotten started yet! It's unplayable just to walk to that chicks apartment in the very beginning.

Anyone got any more wonderful ideas that they think will make this stinking muddy pig fly? I'm all ears.