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6th Dec 2003, 00:35
The last few days I've been leaving my computer on at night to download the DXIW demo on my computer. Every time I try to unzip it it gives me an error message and says that there's an "unexpected end" to the file if I try to use a RAR unzipper type thing, or that it's a corrupt file if I use winzip. So last night I unchecked the "close this dialogue box when download completes" button to get more information, and in the morning I found that the "Download Complete" box showed 4.21 megs downloaded in 31 minutes and 50 seconds - the download ends after 4 megs! What the heck is doing this? I have my display properties set so that a screensaver doesn't come on, and the hard disk never shuts off. I use DSL to connect to the internet, and I have no issues with other downloads (which are oftentimes over 4 megs...speaking of which, it shouldn't even take 30 minutes to download 4 megs with my connection speed).

Anyone have any suggestions, or ideas on what's causing this and how to repair it?

Thanks in advance!

7th Dec 2003, 00:12
Bump 8(

7th Dec 2003, 05:37
Maybe I should try Tom's Hardward =X

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11th Dec 2003, 01:47
Or maybe Tom's HardwarE....=P

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4th Feb 2004, 16:49
well, ive sort of the same thing...

i tell it to DL the demo, and somewhere NEAR 4 MB it tells me it lost its connection... tried 4 times, ive been in a fileplanet queu for over 3 hours!

edit: sorry for brining up this older thread again, but id rather use search and awake an old thread, than to start another one

4th Feb 2004, 18:48
You should use a download manager buddy. Lets you continue a download when the server spits its dummy
Google Dowload Accelerator Plus. That's my personal choice but there are plenty of others.:D

5th Feb 2004, 13:45
yes, ive got DAP :) but since its a fileplanet download, i couldnt DL it with DAP, asks for a password :)

anyway, after looking around, i noticed that the demo WAS downloadable from the US version of the site :rolleyes: so i got it from there , yippy, runs like crap though..

5th Feb 2004, 13:54

DAP works fine with Fileplanet for me....:confused: