View Full Version : New StarTopian mIRC Room is UP!

5th Dec 2003, 23:34
Yes, I know it's been a while, but I have single-handedly revived channel StarTopia at #StarTopia for all mIRC clients and Java Applications! If you are using mIRC, you can find it on the mIRC-X server, and I will rule the room with a Skrasher's fist fist under the name @Hikoushi Aori. Assistant moderators include Arctic_Wolf, MunkeeChum, and if he wants, AlphaOmega. They will all need to register their mIRC nicknames first, of course.

#StarTopia will serve as a technical support and live-discussion chat-room for StarTopia, and it is intented that all shall act polite and treat each other with respect upon entering. Other than that, we hope you will enjoy!

6th Dec 2003, 23:49
It's not "all mIRC clients". It's "all IRC clients".
IRC standing for "Internet Relay Chat".

mIRC is a client for IRC servers.
Nothing (except the odd scripting virus) is a client of mIRC.

Sorry, just had to say that, I'm not a fan of mIRC to be honest - annoying scripts get really . . well . . annoying.

Trillian all the way! :D

7th Dec 2003, 14:01
Trillian, pfft. I tried it and all it did was MSN.

7th Dec 2003, 17:32
Only MSN? . . erm . . It've got IRC, MSN, ICQ and AIM all connected and working at the moment . . did it just not work or something?

It also does Y! and I believe the Pro version (the one you need to pay for to use) supports another one or two unheard of things as well.

9th Dec 2003, 22:57
I tried MSN, fine and dandy. OK, lets have a go at mIRC. I'm usualy quite handy at mIRC but I couldn't even get on a server through trillian.

I don't use AIM or ICQ.

Phat Dr Robeatnik
9th Dec 2003, 23:59
Hmm.. looks like fun. Maybe I'll see you guys there.

13th Dec 2003, 08:34
Trillian r0x0rz my b0z0rz everyday.

I might be popping in sometime soon... :)

14th Dec 2003, 22:19
I am glad that everyone is excited as me! Well, except for the first bloke who replied of course, but anyway. . .

Say, who is this MuckyGuy who's on right now?

Phat Dr Robeatnik
14th Dec 2003, 22:47
He was on earlier and was similarly quiet. Could be a bot.

19th Dec 2003, 20:38
Originally posted by Exitium
Well, except for the first bloke who replied of course, but anyway. . .

Who me? :rolleyes:

I'm a pesimist (sp?), what can I say? :)

Edit - Really need to master spelling.

Phat Dr Robeatnik
9th Jan 2004, 17:47
Why isn't anyone going?I check it everyday and nobody is ever there. Come on!

You may even get to speak to members of Mucky Foot. I did.

19th Jan 2004, 23:53
I've not been here since the MF announcement :(

But anyhow, I'm in this room of yours, on mirc-x.com, unfortunately it looks like the room isn't maintained as i'm there with chanop status :confused:

Senor v2
20th Jan 2004, 16:40
does anybody actually ever visit here cos im there but no-one else is!

21st Jan 2004, 00:08
Incase you haven't noticed this thread was started over a month ago, pointlessly reviving old threads is not nice and it may come as a shock but you're mere prescence on chat-room will not cause the other seven or so members of out community to drop whatever they're doing and rush to chat with you :rolleyes:

21st Jan 2004, 11:24
As Arctic says, old post.

I'd be there except for one thing. - It's on the wrong server. ;)
Move it to the Quakenet IRC server and I'll visit all the time, it's just I'm always on QNet to keep in touch with people and can't be bothered with having multiple server-connections active. :)

Senor v2
21st Jan 2004, 18:57
Sorry it was on the top of the pile on my view of the threads dont start goin crazy.!!