View Full Version : Bug - Or how to kill an Omar

5th Dec 2003, 23:30
After completing a mission for one of the Omar at the Vox club, if I leave the club and return I get a message from the Omar saying that I lose all discounts or help (something like that) from them for this hostile act. I go upstairs and the Omar in there is dead. So somehow I killed it by opening the door to the club... So now I can't go back in Vox for anything without losing standing with the Omar. Anyone hear of a fix for this?

6th Dec 2003, 02:21
Did you happen to talk to NG Resonance? (The VR pop-star simulator) Because if you did, and she asked you about the VIP room, you may have unknowingly given the authorities the location to the Omar trading site. Especially if you quickly skip through dialogue without reading it. I believe this causes the Omar to appear dead the next time you visit Club Vox, as well as putting you against their favour. Other than that, probably a game glitch.

6th Dec 2003, 02:56
I thought I talked to her about that, but in the notes it was still listed as a goal. Seems a weird way to show the club was raided though, if that's what it is.

6th Dec 2003, 03:33
Sadly, alot of the action between rival factions in DX2:IW happens off-screen.