View Full Version : Thief II won't install - tried everything (please help...)

5th Dec 2003, 21:31
People are going to wince and cringe as they see this message up on here, as I've noticed many topics already to relate to something quite similar to my problem, however, even by reading everyone else's threads on here before posting my own, I find no avail to the problem I have.

The installation seems to stop around this "snd.crf" file not being able to copy, I've spent four hours trying to install the game with no success whatsoever, it keeps telling me "could not copy f:\thief2\RES\snd.crf to c:\games\Thief2\RES". The installation starts this error at 24% through the installation. If I click "resume" on this error message it will go ahead and the install will move up until 59% but go no further and constantly bring the problem up again and again no matter how hard I try to advance it.

As I have XP I did try the -lgntforce command by using the run application as has been suggested many times on this site - no help whatsoever to the installation. I have updated all the drivers on my computer, I have MORE than enough space to house any of the three installation choices (I've tried all three), I have the newest DirectX.

I'm running out of ideas...

The company that sold the game (sold-out.co.uk) are offering NO technical support on the CD whatsoever, so I don't know what else to do...help, please.

(sorry about the lengthy explanation)

- Dismal.

5th Dec 2003, 21:49
Have you tried copying the entire cd onto your hard drive and installing from there?

If it works you'll need to edit your install.cfg and darkinst.cfg files(what you edit them to depends on what install option you choose).

5th Dec 2003, 22:04
Unfortunately that was one of the first things I thought of but more or less half the files REFUSE to copy over therefore, I can't try and install from there...

God, this is so frustrating. 3 computers and it won't work on ANY of them!

5th Dec 2003, 22:40
Well then, it would seem that you have a bad copy. I'm pretty sure Eidos will not exchange your discs as sold-out is a different publisher and therefore it's a different version.

You can probably have sold out exchange the discs for another copy. Go to their web page(http://www.sold-out.co.uk) and click on the @ sign. Choose your way of contact and see what their tech support will do for you.

5th Dec 2003, 23:01
I've emailed them already explaining the problem but also pointing out to them that sold-out is CLAIMING it works with windows XP fine while Eidos claims it isn't meant to support windows XP at all, so it seems there's a strange bit of conflict there.

I've also emailed Eidos anyway explaining the problem in hope that i can get some help

this game is a christmas present for my mother and it's just as well I decided to test the Game before wrapping it...

(Update: I got a very prompt reply from Eidos...this is what they replied with to my problem.

Greetings Ashley,

Thank you for your message. You are correct in assuming Thief 1 and 2 is not XP compatable. However, I have spoken with officials from sold-out, and they said to refer people having XP problems back to them, and they should be able to either fix the problem or replace the game. Try contacting them via their website.

Now I've done that anyway, but I'm betting sold out are gonna come out with the same kind of reply they usually do whenever I get in touch with them for technical support. The usual "not my problem - contact *whatever game developer made it*, " etc. Always happens...*sigh*.

6th Dec 2003, 01:33
Well, I wish you good luck.

9th Dec 2003, 19:07
bummer sorry to hear your having problems.
i also have the sold out version of thief 2 ; the metal age.
i also have windows xp.
i am not having the problem you are having so....
my best guess is that you recieved a bad copy.
just ask for a refund/exchange as it is damaged/defective goods.
do not threaten ask nicely be polite no cursing.
etcetera ad infintium.
as always at your service,