View Full Version : The Hall of Seasons

5th Dec 2003, 19:56
I 've just found four peaces and put themunder the pictures, but can't find the door, WHERE is it ???

5th Dec 2003, 21:44
The door is in the basement, you need to pull a "wrong" lever by the entrance to Sanctuary of the Flame/ Wrath of the Beast/ Breath of Hades or Neptune's Hall to get down there. :)

10th Dec 2003, 20:56
Thank you I find the door.
But what about the goust in on the top of hall of seasons ?:)

10th Dec 2003, 21:31
OK- I keep borrowing from Stella (her site is here: www.tombraiders.net/stella)- cuz I hate typing all this out:

RED GHOST/BROTHER OBSCURA: The goal is to grab the First Obscura Painting from the hands of the statue that's holding it, but the ghostly guardian is not going to give up his treasure easily. If he so much as touches Lara, her health drains away. To further complicate the process, the painting moves randomly from statue to statue. (It glows blue so you can tell where it is.) Also, you can't take the painting unless the ghost is stunned. If you try, the painting will just move to another statue. So you'll need to shoot at the ghost until it stops moving, which only lasts for a few seconds. During that brief window you must run to the blue light and grab the painting.

I found this section extremely frustrating even using the tips provided by players who had beaten it. It took me quite a while to do it, but here's what finally worked for me:

The ghost can't harm Lara (much) while she's crouching, so immediately duck and start crawling around for the pick-ups. You'll find a large medipak, 2 boxes of V-Packer shells and the V-PACKER SHOTGUN (if you don't already have it) along one edge of the room and 2 more boxes of shells on the other side.

Now figure out which of the standing statues has the blue light. Crawl toward it but don't get too close or the painting will move to a different statue. Once you're in position, save your game. When the ghost moves away, stand up, draw the shotgun and crouch down again. (Here is a screenshot of Lara in the spot that worked for me.)

Shoot at the ghost when it swoops toward you. Don't bother to turn around, just wait for it to come back for another pass, and then shoot some more. Eventually it will be stunned. If you get lucky, it will stop behind Lara. It only pauses for a few seconds, so quickly holster your gun (otherwise Lara can't run straight) and run toward the statue. As soon as you see the Hand icon, press Action to grab the painting. Then crouch again.

EXITING THE RUINS: Crawl or run to the exit. Run downstairs to the now-flooded hallway. Slosh to the end of the hall. When you get there, more water pours in. Swim up through the opening in the ceiling and make for the top of the cave. Swim up toward the light and aim for the flat spot, which is the underside of a ledge where you'll find bandages.

Try that :)