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5th Dec 2003, 19:07
can someone please explain to what do to in the men in gray mode i have no idea what to accomplish on that level i want some more maps unlocked thank you

6th Dec 2003, 18:07
First: get to the waterfall. Your best bet is to destroy all the three guns that are mounted on the way to stop you. The "men in gray" are pretty ruthless, but it's much less impossible than you think. Try getting ahold of the Soviet guns and launch grenades.

Second: after getting to the waterfall, you have to destroy all the barrels (I believe there are six of them). So when you're at the waterfall, there is a fork in the road. You can either go RIGHT (back to where you started - you DON'T want to do this) or LEFT - this is where you want to go. All the barrels are up there, as are three more mounted automatic guns. Destroy those guns as soon as possible, and, as usual, good luck getting past the men in gray.

Third: After destroying all the barrels, you have to get into the men in gray's compound and destroy their computers. Your best bet is to launch grenades from the Soviet at the computers. This will destroy them in no time. Keep in mind: there is a kind of "back way" to the men in gray's compound.

Hope this helps somewhat. Keep practicing, and trust me, you'll beat it!!

6th Dec 2003, 18:56
do you have any advice on how to beat the one challenge with all the robots and the only thing you get is a rocket launcher or homing rocket?

6th Dec 2003, 19:24
Are you talking about the Gladiator robot level? I assume so, so if you are:

Your best bet here: go nuts!!! Basically, don't hold back, just shoot, shoot and shoot some more. A lot of people will say they prefer using the homing launcher - I prefer the rocket launcher, but it's whatever you find more comfortable.

A few hints: stay near the main base in the centre of the level. The helps because if you shoot a rocket near a robot, but not directly at him, part of the explosion will ricochet off the wall of the compound and there will be a better chance at damaging (or killing) the robot. Don't bother getting the invisibility power up because if you're the "Gladiator" in the level, even if you're invisible, the robots will still be able to see you and go after you. Same goes for the green "shrink" power up. A rocket or grenade will be able to kill you no matter what size you are!! The blue "speed" power ups do seem to help me though.

Also, keep moving. It's an obvious tip, but it's a lot harder to hit a moving target, so constantly be running around. Again, like with any level, keep practicing, and you'll get better and better.

8th Dec 2003, 18:23
Does the site open up if you get all golds?

capt. Forestzombie
8th Dec 2003, 18:39
No I think that you have to beat story mode in hard mode:cool: http://www.timesplittersgame.com

9th Dec 2003, 10:37
Originally posted by Dose
I prefer the rocket launcher, but it's whatever you find more comfortable.

Hell Yeah!
So do I. The homing launcher Miss's the tarket if there is lots of em. But I am Ausome with the Rocket launcher so its easier with it!