View Full Version : Can anyone help?

5th Dec 2003, 18:39
I have pretty good system, the with THIS game is that when i turn bloom on i cant see anything ( that prob is with my card for some reason ) when i turn Bloom off and Vsinc off it runs but then i ran into 2 other probs with are when i move the mouse too fast to react i get the immages i was getting with the bloom setting only when i stop moving i can see again. My system specs r the following:

AMD althlon XP 2100
Abit Kg7 raid
G-force ti 4600 8x agp
512 ddr ram
sound blaster audigy 5.1
2 40 gig HDs raided raid 0
win 98se

I have over the specs but i still get a visual prob, also the game runs a little choppy, or a lot choppy.

5th Dec 2003, 19:29
Go into your Advanced Nvidia Display Properties and make sure Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering are set to "Application Controlled". Try uninstalling and reinstalling your GF FX driver, make sure you are using the 52.16 driver. Also check for updates for your sound card, as they can also cause poor performance. If this does not work, post your DxDiag info here and I'll see what I can do.