View Full Version : Game pauses,sound repeats then works for a moment

5th Dec 2003, 05:45
The game will load fine but once it starts will pause for moment(not my mouse pointer though that still moves fine) then work for about 5 secs..then pause again and repeat. The sound will also repeat..not a stutter more of a broken record the voice will say a sentence or part of one then it will keep repeating it a few times untill the game moves again..for the few moments between pauses. The demo worked perfect for me and I had no trouble with it. I updated my Drivers and reinstalled a few times. Anyone having this problem or is it just me

26th Dec 2003, 22:43
All I can say is that I'm having the same problem you are.. the game pauses after a few seconds of play, looping the last bit of audio. Does this for 20 seconds or more, sometimes to the point that I need to reset the pc, then resumes the game for a few more seconds, then does it again.
My system specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2100+
via kt333 chipset MB
512 mb ddr ram
40gb hdd
Creative Sound Blaster Live! w/ current drivers
NVidia GeForce ti 4200 w/64mb ram and 8x agp
NVidia Detonator drivers v. 53.04 (current)
DirectX is up to date, v. 9.0b
all patches applied from windows update

hmm.. am I forgetting anything?

the things I've tried in order to fix this problem with no luck:
Repair install
Full reinstall
Play with/without the 1.1 patch
Play with/without the fixed exe (no-cd patch) -- (don't worrry, I fully paid for the game)
Use older video drivers
Lower game settings
Raise game settings
Reinstall Windows
Some things I haven't tried:
Upgrade to winxp
Format HDD and freshly install windows
Try a different video card
...wait for a newer patch to be released..

26th Dec 2003, 23:24
I have the exact same problem. Before the patch, the game would not load. Now it pauses about once a minute and loops back about 1 sec of audio for a few times then it picks back up.

I have some of the same parts:
Athlon XP +2200
nForce2 chipset
Gforce4 Ti 4200 64mb
SB Audigy
512 MB Ram
Windows XP Pro
Latest drivers and Windows updates

Tomorrow I am going to take out my sound card and see what happens...

27th Dec 2003, 02:08
i was having this problem earlier today along with another 100 but after i patched the game and did all the tweaks i could find its been working fine cept for my loading problem

27th Dec 2003, 23:28
seems that people with this sort of problem share one thing in common.. Nvidia graphics cards. After some searching the forums, I found a solution that worked for me... go into your video card's properties and uncheck the box that sets Anisotropic filtering to "application preference", and set the slider to 2x.. this completely removed the problem of pausing for me, and several others with this same problem.

30th Dec 2003, 21:12
Worked for me. No more problems...